“Collection of Chaos”Reviews And Winter Blooms

The eternal seductiveness of life

2016 began with some good news. A few online publications, visits to the Delhi Literature Festival and the Crime Writers Festival plus two wonderful reviews of my poetry book ‘Collection of Chaos’. I won a few twitter contests about crime writers and the prizes are awaited. More books to read. 🙂 

I also went chasing the scents of those who lived and dreamed in the city of Delhi. explored the tombs of Safdarjang, Mohammad Shah and Sikander Lodhi etc. I have a few more walks lined up for next few months. Some photo opportunities  and food trails to look forward to.  

The winter has finally crossed the threshold of Delhi like a shy new bride and this is the best time to enjoy the unbeatable delicacies of Old Delhi and bask under the winter sun in one of those fabulous gardens the city has.

You may just come across a group of young poets sharing their verses, sharing their views about their city and its history.  There is something about ruins and poetry that’s inseparable, winter just adds a veil of mystery to it.

Delhi becomes a flower girl in winter. The beautiful Gazania, Phlox, Cineraria, Salvia, Pansy, Candy tuft, Alysasum, Petunia, Gerbera, cosmos and many more are painting the city in myriad hues. The magnificent Dahlias are in full bloom too. Some trees that are adorning the city streets with their lovely blossoms are, Red Silk cotton,  kachnar, and the intoxicating Saptparni. The winter flower show is coming up next month and I am so looking forward to it.

Talking of flowers and poetry, while I wait for some submission results. two authors recently reviewed my two year old poetry book.

Vibhuti Bhandarkar is the author of ‘Not Totally Unbelievable‘ a collection of fantastic short stories about the mystical, magical and paranormal. She is also a blogger and an artist and has her own fashion label called YOLO By VIbz 

This is what she has to say about the book,

” Tikuli’s collection of poems are a deluge of emotions, each separate piece a heavier thought than before. Her words definitely come from a lifetime of myriad experiences and jarring observations, from changing times. From the little understanding that I have of poetic meters and such, Tikuli has ventured to utilise very different forms of poetry, and yet maintained her voice in it. She has given expression to a whirlwind of emotions and yet Tikuli manages to maintain order in the usage of correctly chosen words.


You can hop on to her blog for a complete review –  Krishmaklaver – Collection of Chaos – Book Review

The second review comes from the incredible Rhiti Bose. writer, blogger and the Editor-in-chief of  Incredible Women Of India . Her short stories have been published in an anthology named ‘An Atlas of Love’ by Rupa publications among other places.

Rhiti says,

“She plays with the words like a master craftsman, creating one masterpiece after another. The poems are mostly in free verse and Tikuli makes use of it suitably. Each poem has its own story to tell, there are not just mere verses depicting the abstract, each line has a meaning, every word has a tale hidden underneath.”


Do read the full review at Collection of Chaos by Tikuli – A Review  


I am also guest editing the upcoming March issue of Cafe Dissensus so do please SUBMIT your entries. The last date for submission is 28th Feb. Theme – ‘The Book That Made an Impact on You in 2015’ .


The book is available with all online book vendors. Do get your copy and hey, let me know your views too.


enjoy this little poem from the set published earlier in Cafe Dissensus,

rain pours like old jazz,

scribbles itself on roads that

shimmer like piano keys,

liquid notes cling to the

silhouettes of trees, the last train

leaves the station, taking with it

a sea of salt laced bodies, night

swallows the evening

Adhuure Alfaaz | अधूरे अलफ़ाज़



वीरां गुलिस्तां, उजड़े दरख़्त. खामोश परिंदे

अजनबी सी लगती हैं अब ये दर ओ दीवार,

बोझल साँसे, जिस्म सर्द, अल्फ़ाज़ नश्तर,

निगाहें अंगारे, बयाबान-ए-यास सब कटरे,

 मोहल्ले, चौखट, चौबारे, तंग गलियाँ,

वहशी सन्नाटे, बंद खिड़कियों मे गिरफ्ता

ख़ौफ़-ज़दा चेहरे, बे ख़्वाब, बेनूर हैं सारे नज़ारे,

फ़ज़ा-ए-ग़म में सिसकती है ख़ूँ-रेज़ रूह इस शहर की  

नफरतों की जंग ने जिसे रातों रात बेवा कर दिया


ख़ुसरो तेरी तंग गलिओं की महक में उल्झा है यूँ दिल मेरा 
के अब तेरे दर पे आके ही होगी मुक़म्मल मेरी ये नज़्म-ए-ज़िन्दगी


एक अरसे से हूँ क़ैद इसी आईने में

अब तेरे अक्स में घुल जाऊं तो रिहा हो जाऊं



उभरते हैं कुछ अक्स आईने में हर रोज़,

ताकते रहते हैं बेबस से खामोश दीवारों को,

धुंधले, कभी साफ़, कभी खोए खोये से

जैसे के हों किसी ख्वाब में तैरते कोई ख्वाब,

या किसी ना-मुकम्मल दास्ताँ

का इक़्तिबास, या फिर कोई चाह

असीर चंद लफ़्ज़ों में, वो राज़ ए निहाँ,

वो भूले से नग्मात, वो माशूक चेहरे

वो मख़मूर रातें, वो आबरू के दायरे,

वो मज़हब की कटारें, वो दाग़ – ऐे – तन्हाई

वो गिरहें, जाल फरेब निगाहें, वो ख़्वाब

जिनकी ग़ैर-मुमकिन थी तकमील, इन्हीं

अक्सों के सियह सायों में रेज़ा रेज़ा मेरा भी

अक्स  डोलता है बंजारा सा,  बे रंग, बे नूर,

आइना गिरफ़्त सदियों से


अधूरे अलफ़ाज़

मुफ़लिसी ऐसी के ग़म भी लेने पड़े उधार
क्या कहेँ किस क़दर क़र्ज़ में डूबा है
गुलशन का कारोबार

आलम ये है के महफिलें अधूरी पल अधूरे अधूरे से सब अल्फाज़
सुकूं अधूरा वफा अधूरी सितम् अधूरे शिक़वे अधूरे अधूरे हैं हर साज़
तमन्ना अधुरी अरमां अधूरे गीत अधूरे रह गयी अधूरी शौक़ मुलाक़ात की रात
रहने दो क्या बताएं हाल दिल तुमको मेरे दिलबर मेरे ग़मगुसार
खामोशी तुम समझोगे नहीं और बयां हमसे होगा नहीं