Scratchings – New Poems

image copyright- tikuli

sky, the colour of solitude,
earth, its shadow,
poet, a wabi-sabi.

sitting on the slender wedge
of the moment, all day, the poet
devolves towards or evolves from

back and forth, back and forth,
sways the old door dying on its hinges,
the lullaby comforts the baby

cryptic, edgy, scrawls crawl across the wall,
each line has a different tale to tell,
or offers a different puzzle needing to be solved,
inebriated words written by groping fingers,
searching for the light switch

Still heart
Empty nest
Bare branch
In the quiet,
the things I forgot
to say, rustle in the

I buried the me that loved you

and from it many universes

branched towards infinity,

revealing themselves from beyond

the veil of the visible universe,

echoing with the songs of nothingness

I became a star tree,

my  leaves glowing with celestial crimson,

each blossom filled with scents of you,

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