You And Me – Hush

I lost you over time.

We had so much to say

but nothing was said.

Mail stopped coming,

online chats gradually ceased.

Phone conversations

became impersonal words,

filling in between silences

that we struggled to break.

Your laughter became forced,

you were always elsewhere,

even when with me.

Memories of our meeting

began to fade, until you

were like a vanishing mirage.

You tossed what we shared

into the waves as you crossed

the ocean between us.

It was simple.

A brief encounter became

an imaginary sojourn.

I didn’t know any better,

I was in love with a lover

I had imagined.

Now, you’re only a faded painting

on solitary afternoons,

a monochrome photograph

during my solitary nights.



11 thoughts on “You And Me – Hush

  1. Oh. Poems can spring from joy too, and they are beautiful as well, Tikki 🙂 Just that sadness seems to bring out that beauty more. You don’t need intense pain to write a poem. You just need a yearning. And you have enough of that 🙂

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  2. That’s a heartbroken story so amicably expressed but I know by experience that that’s how life treats you. We still live through that mess as you are living.
    Faiz sb said… Jaisay holay se chalay baad e naseem… That has become a mantra for me. I never become sad when old thoughts come in to my mind, I just let them caress me like a soft breeze, enjoy the goodness in them and let pass the evil.


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