Evanesence – Six Short Poems

Your scent,

gentle and sensuous,

warms itself

on my skin,

curling against me

like a cat,

dissolving all the barriers

between us.


The scent will slowly fade

like the last notes of your favorite song,

ebbing into silence,

haunting me like a

ghost of absence.


we are bound

by the sorrowof the unspoken

and the silence of the spoken words,

our hearts, are made of different stones.


Have you walked through empty corridors?

there is an intimacy there, like love,

it fills you. echoes of another time,

a fusion of light and dark,

an interplay of shadows.

Hidden under the gloom, vast and intricate,

is a phantasm, shrouded in mystery,

forever reinventing.


summer rain,

my body a Smörgåsbord,

a phantasmal explosion

of a rainbow awry, knutschflecks,

the color of orgasms,

someone said I smell of love,

I must be smelling of longing,

of waiting & hoping,

I must be smelling of you


hunger rises from the skin

like an ache, your touch,

like a flint, sparks the flames,

you, the arsonist,

me, the phoenix,

the amber smell of longing

fills the night,

threadbare, our shadows

rock trance like

on the moonlit walls.


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