Everything, so fragile, 

connected by the slenderest 
of threads, ephemeral, delicate,
and yet ….



as many things exist in the dark

as in the light and as many more

hide in the shadows, vaporous creatures

that come from the solitude of

dark’s intrepid fantasy, dodging time,

dividing, multiplying, into the total dark

as it eclipses the light and the line

between what is and what isn’t

becomes whisper thin


darkness moves through me 

trying to fill a void 

no longer there 



I am a nocturnal echo

hanging by the thread.



the poem staggered away

from the edge of the page

like an afterthought.

sometimes, the drama

isn’t in the script



there is a mystery unfolding 
in the steam from my coffee mug 
Behind my ears the temperature rises




A shared dream 
life is nothing but a joke

 ** *** **** **** **** 

every time you touch my life,
wounds open and my
fragmented self
catches your light
staining my soul
with colors of love.


I am weary of houses
I want to be home


This post is BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Pick for May 9th.


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