wrap the darkness around me

I want to feel its inner surface

bone cold, lustrous black liquid silk

let this night be my grave

shhh…make no noise

my wounded heart sleeps


I turned you into a poem

I could never say out loud,

But deep within me

your name is a song on loop,

love has set aflame the night in my eyes,

the purple moon rides across the rufescent sky,

there is a carnival tonight

and I am fishing for stars.


 my body tends to remembers

things i told it to forget

like the gaze of your thumb

encircling my breast

and all the conversations 

 had in the language of 

breath, tongue and lips 


wrapped in the icy warmth of silence
memories have turned green
under the empty aching blue
of your absence.
I collect your whispers and
arranged them in tight sentences (lest they flee)
try to make sense of it.
In your absence
sadness of things speaks for you.
Your abject indifference has seeped in
and taken shape of everything around me.
Words have long since turned strangers
The cell phone has turned into a paper weight. 
No, if you think I am saying all this
because I miss you, you are wrong,
One doesn’t miss oneself but
gutters too have limits when the sky pours it’s rain 



Overwhelmed by his scent,

she throws her arms around his neck,

 draws him close,

her breasts, full nippled,

brush against his chest.

Surprised, his arms stretch forward,

his hands  gently reach for her waist.

Afternoon light streams through

the window of the barroom,

and in that moment their lips meet.

He crossed a continent to be with her.

In their imaginations, in a virtual world,

they had merged their beings for months

now close at last, they talk, they laugh

and kiss as they explore,

Soon the moment will end

and all that will remain

will be a nostalgia,

echoes of  memories and 

moments shared

in nondescript bars,

cafe, and hotels.

 (inspired by a photograph by James Goddard. ) 


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