A Surgery, Some Good News and A Short Blog Break

A very happy new year to all my friends and readers.

Sorry I have been missing since so many days. I had a surgery for retinal detachment on 1st of Jan. How did I manage that? Well, I guess I manage to do the impossible more than the mundane :p I am thankful and glad that it was timely detected and corrected by one of the finest doctors.

I began the new year with a new sight and vision. My right eye (the one which was operated upon) is healing beautifully though it still looks kind of vampirish. 😀  I am on a short blog break but will get back to regular blogging very soon.

Meanwhile , there is some good news I wish to share.

Three of my poems got published in  Silent River Film and Literary Society Magazine called Life And Legends .

Here is an excerpt from one of them:

“I am visible and not visible,
present and absent, existing
and not existing. Thoughts
merge, ideas coincide, the
universe continues to evolve.

I, in a shifting reality, lose all
control, just as a poet does,
when he disappears into the
morass of his own words.”

I thank Kalpna Singh Chitnis for this honour. Thank you Kalpna for this perfect year end gift.


Another good news followed the publication in the form of BlogAdda Best Posts of 2014.


You And Me- Gratitude was selected as one of the best posts of 2014 by BlogAdda Spicy Saturday Edition.


Thank you BlogAdda for this honor. This really means a lot to me.


I shall resume regular blogging in a few weeks so till then keep smiling and keep me in your thoughts.

Once again thank you for always being there, for the love and support.

Onward we go.

PS- please ignore the typos as my good eye is still very sympathetic to its partner. Sometimes it just gets too emotional and loses focus. 🙂