Recipe – Homemade No Pectin Golden Apple Jelly And Applesauce

The delicious red apples and the juicy Golden apples are one of my favorite winter fruits. Day before I found a vendor selling them at a very low price and wondered why he had slashed the prices so much. Turned out he had to finish the batch and bring in other fruits like Sapota, oranges etc. The fruit was good so I bought some extra kilo to make season’s first batch of apple jelly and applesauce. Simply can’t resist when it comes to flirting with seasonal fruits.  😉 I use the natural pectin in the fruit and never add it to any of my jams and jellies. The recipe is simple and delicious. Just needs some TLC. Apples have a lot of natural pectin and combined with sugar and heated to the right temperature the fruit pectin bonds beautifully with water and gives a smooth glorious jelly. I use the remaining strained apple to make applesauce. So nothing goes waste. Here is how we make it. Ingredients for the Jelly: 1 Kg. Apples ( Choose any sweet and tart mix. The tart ones have more pectin I used Golden Apples for this one.) Sugar – 2 cups Water – 3 cups Ginger juice – 2 tablespoon (freshly grated and pressed) Lemon juice 1 tablespoon

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Method –  Wash, wipe, cut and core the apples. I grated them without the peel because I was going to make apple sauce too but otherwise I use the peel. It has most of the pectin and gives a nice color too. Take enough water to cover the grated apple (approx 3-4 cups) and in a heavy bottom pan add apple to the water and boil at high heat. When bubbling reduce the heat and cover till the fruit becomes soft and nicely cooked. Next , use a jelly bag & stand, cheese cloth to line the mesh colander and ladle the fruit mixture into it. You can tie the muslin cloth to the kitchen cabinet handle like I do and place a colander under it to catch the juice. Allow the juice to drain. Never ever press to extract the juice as it will cloud the jelly. Let it drip on its own. I keep it 4-6 hours or overnight.  Once the juice collects, measure it and then take a big pan ( the mixture will boil and froth and we don’t wont it spilling over), add the measured juice and sugar to it. ( 1 cup juice 1 cup sugar) though I cheat and keep it just a little low. Love the fruit sweetness. It all depends on what you like and the quality of apples. Add the ginger juice and the lemon juice. Put the pot on high flame and stir constantly till it reaches a high boiling point. Recommended – 220 degree F but I don’t have a thermometer so I just boil it and do a sheet test. (Sheet test – Keep a plate in the freezer and once you think it has reached the jellying point, drop some on the chilled plate if the mixture wrinkles and holds shape , it is done or else boil some more. Re-test it at small intervals) Once done stir and ladle into clean dry jar while still hot. Keep the jar on a towel to avoid breakage. Let it cool and set. I don’t do the usual canning process as I make small batches and eat them quickly. You can keep the jelly in the fridge to retain flavour and texture for a longer period too. It is a Bhuira Jam bottle by the way. The jelly is still cooling. The bubbles vanished once the jelly got set. 😛 Next time I must get some mason jars. ( reminder to self)   Now the Applesauce – Measure the strained apple and put it in a heavy bottom pan. Add sugar to your taste. Usually 1 cup apple to 1 cup sugar is good enough but taste it and add accordingly. I add a teaspoon of lemon juice and 2 powdered cloves and a pinch of cinnamon powder to it along with sugar. Mix well and cook it on slow heat till the sugar it absorbed nicely and the applesauce mixture is smooth and nicely textured. All water should evaporate before you turn off the heat. Keep a dry jar handy. Let the applesauce come to room temperature then ladle it into the jar or a big bowl. Keep it in the fridge. Use hot or cold with yogurt, ice cream, as a spread, as a side dish with chops etc or just take a spoonful and relish it just like that as a light snack. Sometimes I run the mixture in the blender once to get the smooth even texture but usually I just mash it while its cooking. I love the grainy texture of the mashed fruit. Enjoy these simply yet delicious recipes and tell me your variations of it. BON APPETIT

7 thoughts on “Recipe – Homemade No Pectin Golden Apple Jelly And Applesauce

  1. Thanks so much. One day I will. I used to make dips and peanut butter for friends but then stopped due to lesser demand. Many people dont eat jams and jellies due t oits sugar content but I will think about it.
    Got to visit your blog too. I am following it but seldom get the notification. Will check that too. Thanks for visiting.


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