New Poem – Wraith

Every year when the veil thins

and the two worlds merge as one,

she tiptoes across the bare fields

under the cold gray skies

wearing a cloak of autumn leaves,

stops at an abandoned cemetery

at the riverside,

rushes past the creaky gate,

and the moonlit graves,

 kneels beside a nameless stone

 sweeps it clean with her gentle hands

and  lays a clumsy bouquet of

wayside beauties gathered on the way,

She then lights a votive candle and spreads

a feast for two; mulled wine, fruits, nuts, berries,

and a loaf of rye bread.


Shadowless like silence

she sits under the wiccan moon

clasping the little life that came too swiftly

and went too soon.


All through the Samhain night

you can hear her lament with a sorrowful heart

“Why O why they buried us

so far apart”

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