“Too Good To Be Missed” John Lyle On My Book ‘Collection Of Chaos’

I have been really encouraged by the positive and constructive feedback from the readers of my début poetry book ‘Collection Of Chaos‘. Many readers sent me personal messages and some posted their views on Goodreads and on their personal blogs.You can view  ‘selfies with chaos‘  and the feedbacks on my Facebook Blog Fan Page and on Leaky Boot Press Page.

Nothing makes a new emerging writer happy to know she is well received. I thank each one of you for the support.

Recently John Lyle, an exceptional singer song writer, wrote a review of my book on Amazon. It’s the first ever amazon review for me and I am ecstatic with joy. John is not just a great musician but also a sensitive and compassionate person. It is a pleasure to know him. I love his music and often recommend it to friends.

I remember John’s messages when he received the book.

“I got your book today, Tikuli. I love Chris’s forward and am really looking forward a wonderful read!” He wrote and then after a few days as he read,”  “‘she watched the mob with vacant eyes’. A harrowing counterpart to my song ‘They Stoned Her‘. Kindred spirits for sure. You are a raw, wonderful talent and nobody can stop you.”

“Haunted by waters”, and haunted by your lovely book “Collection of Chaos” which I have just finished reading for the first time. Thanks for writing it Tikuli!”

These little notes filled my otherwise stressed out days with immense pleasure. Words of encouragement from great artists who understand the depth of a poet’s mind and all that is unsaid are what makes us go forth and break the mental barriers and work harder to realize our dreams.

Singer Song writer John Lyle

Thank you John for reading my book and for this review and words of praise. It is pleasure to be on the same platform with you and other brilliant Leaky Boot Press writers. 

Here is an except from the blurb
Tikuli’s full blooded new book of poetry “Collection of Chaos” is too good to be missed. Her poems are direct and strong and I would not want to be on the wrong end of one of them. But when the occasion demands her writing is heartbreakingly tender and you’ll want to put your arms around her.

You can read the full review here  Collection Of Chaos customer Review – John Lyle


You can buy and read John’s book The Kindest Lies Here. Listen and enjoy his soulful music  Here. You can buy his songs on iTunes too.  John Lyle on Leaky Boot Press.


You can buy My Book from:iTunes



Book Depository (free delivery worldwide)

and all other online booksellers.
Goodreads Page For Collection Of Chaos 



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