Two Poems

Poetry is..

Winter sun
tangy sweet
in my garden

Mandarin Orange


poetry is
clutter on desk
laundry in basket
dishes in the sink
Victoria’s secret on the chair
upturned book on the bed
fresh brew of coffee
birds roosting at dusk
the pin wheel over my bed
a cricket match below my window
a sugar crystal
walking back to its home in the corner of the wall
corn kennels popping inside the microwave
butter pop corns
the spider meditating in her web
the wasp caught between life and death
the drone of the refrigerator
the sizzle in the pan
poetry is
the meal cooked together
never eaten
it is silence of things
poetry is
the unexpected
and sometimes the expected
Poetry is
a simple joy
a surprise call
from a faraway friend
poetry is
what and where you want it to be




while a poem sparks through a seed of wonder 
and reaches up to the sky
another swiftly travels
deep and beyond 
in complex tangles 
under the surface of the soil
proliferating out below and in all directions
under debris and filth of cities, 
along the grassy river beds
further down 
into the ocean bed
slithering beneath countries, continents 
into the deep forests
under the desolate deserts
through the heart of frozen mountains
birthing new poems 
conjoined by the same consciousness
same essence 
of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Void.



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