A Poem, A Blog Feature And A Conversation


Nothing is more encouraging for a writer than readers finding a connect with her writings. I never talked about the making of ‘Collection Of Chaos’ and when Ritesh of ‘ A book is a sexy thing‘ asked me for an interview I felt really honored. Though I have given interviews earlier this is special because it is my First Conversation as a Debut Author.

Here is an excerpt :

Q1. Tell us something about your book ‘Collection of Chaos’? How would you introduce it to a potential reader?


Collection of chaos is a journey inside the poet’s mind, her life and all that surrounds it. Each poem has emerged from the complex interactions of heart and mind, the struggles of daily life and a search for oneself beneath all the role-playing. The book wasn’t conceived as a whole but  it’s a patchwork quilt of poems.

It isn’t  just the product of disciplined hard work and learning with an open mind but also of great mentorship. They say that when the student is ready the master appears and I have been blessed to find teachers who not only helped me evolve but also stood by me when everyone including myself had given up on me. They had a profound impact on me as a writer and as a person. Sometimes you need more than your own power to make things happen. This book could not have happened without the support, encouragement and friendship that made me trust those people implicitly.  An artistic evolution is a dream work and each dream work is a team work.

Q2. When was it that you found your call in writing?

Answer:….. Read More Here  –  6 Questions, 6 Answers :An Interview with Tikuli, Author of Collection of Chaos 

There is a lot more to read on this blog so do encourage the young blogger and give your opinion. 

Thank you Ritesh for the interview. I really enjoyed the conversation.


Janaki Nagaraj is an exceptional writer, a very loving and caring friend, and a fellow blogger. When she asked me to write a poem for her blog I felt delighted but honestly I was not ready for the post that appeared today on her blog. To be featured as an Inspiration is a humbling experience. I am honoured and blessed. We all draw inspiration from each other and it is a great thing to express love and gratitude. I totally dig this.

Janaki’s poems have just been published in an anthology called – Minds@Work 2  . Click on the link to buy the book.

You can read her poems, reviews, stories etc  Here – Memoirs of A Homemaker .

Thank you Janaki for being a wonderful friend. Keep writing.


I painted myself

in a corner of your room

(Read  the whole poem on  – Inspirations

Many thanks to both of you for providing me with a platform to voice my thoughts and share my work.

I am eagerly waiting for the feedback, ratings and reviews of my poetry book. Do read and share your views. 

Onward we go. 

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