Book Review – Blue Vessel By Nabina Das

An excerpt from my Review of ‘Blue Vessel’ by Nabina Das, First published in Pirene’s Fountain. 


The poems in Blue Vessel are feisty, playful, full of life: there isn’t a sign of melancholy, the gloomy dark clouds on the horizon. The collection offers a glimmer of hope—one can feel the grass, bees, birds, river, flowers, fields, morning dew, even clothes lines pulsate with life. For Das “metaphors are sometimes stars and a common sun” as in the lines from her “Never Poem”:

Hear. If you can from there
Wispy flutters inside the ears
A bug stuck, wings of sheer
Silk dying in a verse-like throb

Blue Vessel is a nomadic journey across cities, states, continents taking in the scenic fields, rivers and hills, breathing in the aromas, textures sounds and sights of everyday living. As you read her poems, you become the vessel.

To read more Click  Here 

Nabina’s Blog 

Nabina Das also has a novel titled “Footprints in the Bajra” from Cedar Books, India. Her second poetry book ( Into The Migrant City) and début short fiction collection  ( The House Of Twining Roses)  are also available now. 

Photo Credit – Nabina. 

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