Separating Yours From Mine – Two Random Poems


I am holding a fiction inside me

if you think you know me, think again
what is visible is camouflaged
what is hidden is true
we are kind of schizoid, aren’t we?
containing multitudes within

Ah what the hell!

More the merrier I say!


Reality is fragile




And memories

vehicles of destruction

I am entangled in those memories of yours

real and imagined

I tried to disengage

cell by cell

pore by pore

nerve by nerve

sometimes I pulled a wrong nerve

and the scream shot inwardly

at a deafening speed

leaving me convulsing with pain

it is a long and painful process

to separate yours from mine

from a chaos of collective losses

I reached inside and pulled out my splintered heart

and then

I poked and  jabbed

 pulled and  scratched

I scrubbed it till it was raw

and yet

 I could not separate the part of you in me

and here I am

holding  a quivering, pulsating wound

with a little of you

and a little of me

bleeding in my hands

the spirit gone

the flesh weak

the will dead

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