between the known and the unknown .. poems

The days of Absence .. I curled up beneath a mossy stone beside the mountain stream and waited.


between the known and the unknown

I float

exiled to bottomless nights

out on dark waters





The ache hasn’t subsided nor has the yearning
Alone in my plastered grave
I raise a toast to solitude


in the shadows
lies the truth
the light an illusion
the line between them
whisper thin


autumnal trees,
the distant pecking of birds
shadows and shapes
dusty thoughts
the smell of old smoke
your words carrying scents
of practiced lies
glowing in their ego-
the evening waters
bleeding red


Creative minds are uneven 

filled with odd cravings

thoughts today are silent observers 

And I am at a “multiselfing” stage 

I think there is a calling

The word-weaver is meeting the dream-catcher


the ‘in-between-the-lines’ talker
the words- weapons
especially the unused ones

that lurk

in the spaces between

shadow words
saying everything
without actually saying
is an art
the power of unsaid
a strategist’s secret


Under the masks
a bloodless skull
staring at herself
in the mirror
evil is approaching
whose face will she wear tonight



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