You and Me – Yearnings


I am attracted by your  unavailability

the half-shut windows where

we sometime connect

between the traffic noise and the

drone of the garbage bins being dragged in and out

days , time specified

Mostly the windows stay snap shut
but sometime
they jerk open to test their hinges
a sound, a glimpse, a rustle

and that’s it. Click, snap, shut.

you can create new or find new windows
but for that you need to know the walls

it takes effort and time

then there is the door
to our private haven
now blocked by the cherry trees
that we once climbed
laying there in bare longings
spring has long since deserted them
trees like love need nurturing
it takes time and effort
and yes, inclination too
 I, I in the middle of all this
try to find solace
your being
not being

I have all the time
and inclination
for me its effortless to love you. 

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