Grilled Pineapple with Dash of Rum

I love pineapple. Sweet, juicy, delicious, it is one of the many nutritious tropical fruits. Pineapples are packed with vitamins and minerals  including vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. It is also rich in fiber and calories. It’s low in fat and cholesterol too.

Apart from the exotic raw fruit one can always indulge in the grilled version and make it as magical as one wants. I love to flavor it with aroma of spices and toss in dark rum to jazz it up and I call them “fruit kebabs” like Nigella Lawson :p

A perfect desert after a sumptuous meal or in breakfast or maybe as an evening snack like I did.

The trick is to pick up a fragrant nice ripe golden color pineapple.  If the fruit is just a little soft to touch then that is what you are looking for. Anything green is under ripe and spotty browns are over ripe.

Now that we have picked the right fruit, lay it on a chopping board and cut off both the ends. Make it stand and cut the skin in strips. Once the fruit is skinned dice it in circles or make wedges. It is up to you whether you want to remove the core or not. This time I did not but usually I do and make wedges instead of circles.

Now, to grill the fruit you can either use the traditional grill or oven or even a non stick pan if you don not have the former two.

Here is how you do it.


Fresh Ripe Pineapple – 1

Dark Honey –  6 table-spoon

Cinnamon – I teaspoon

Powdered cloves – 1 /4 teaspoon

Lemon zest – I teaspoon

Dark Rum – 4 table-spoon


Prepare  the fruit as described above and collect all the ingredients at one place

all ingredients

Here you see whole cloves but you need to powder them fine.

Take honey in a mixing bowl , add cinnamon and clove powder. Place the pineapple slices or wedges  in it so they are fully covered with the marinade.


Pineapple in Marinade

Heat the grill or oven (Preheat the grill at 400 degree Fahrenheit ) . I used a non stick pan here. Heat the pan and glaze it with a little olive oil. Arrange  the marinade pineapple slices once hot. keep the flame at medium to low as sweet things tend to burn easily.

If you are using grill or oven arrange the pieces on grill tray and close the lid.

Check  in sometime and if  both sides have a gorgeous deep golden brown tan,  remove in a serving plate.

grill in a pan

This is how it should look from both sides when grilling  in a pan.

Do not throw the remaining marinade , brush it on the top of grilled slices.

Once you have arranged the slices in a serving plate, pour the dark rum and sprinkle the lemon zest.

the sinful grilled pineapple slices

Serve hot  just as it is or with chilled yogurt or vanilla ice cream.


Tip 1– You can use brown sugar, maple syrup, golden syrup or if you are adventurous then toss the pieces in marmalade with a little salt sprinkled over them  instead of honey and it  will blow your mind. I hate chocolate syrup with it but folks do use that too. ( too overpowering for me. Kills the natural sensuousness of the fruit)   🙂

Tip 2 –  Try using  fresh cracked black peppercorn and vodka instead of the above ingredients. It will tickle your senses like anything.  Trust me, there is nothing like a spiced up juicy sweet pineapple straight from the grill.

 Tip 3 –  You can also try salt and cayenne pepper or red chili powder too.  It rocks.

Tip 4 –  Try using wooden skewers or chopsticks for each wedge /slice . Makes it easy to eat and looks neat on a party table.

Enjoy this tropical delight and let me know your experience.

Bon Appétit


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