Scent of Yellow – A Spring Poem

Scent of yellow

Lemon zest
And Daffodils
Ripe bananas in yellow jackets
Juicy pears one in each pocket
Grapefruits and pineapples
Tangerines and mangoes
Sweet corn and lime
Amorous musk melon
Some Apricots time to time
Sunflowers and laburnum
A shaft of sunlight
Slipping through the
Autumn leaves
Lucid sunbeams
Flowing in your curls
Mellow yellow orange red papaya
And the golden yellow pumpkin
An old swing,
A surprise in the mustard field
And your smile on a soft yellow dressed afternoon
The yellow brick road
And the song
Yellow submarine
A yellow flash of mountain bird
Yellow birch, maple, beech
The butter gold moon spread over our bodies
A large cup of butterscotch
And the sparkle in your eyes
The marmalade skies
Honey dripping
From the corner
Of your mouth
A bumble bee
Dancing amidst the marigolds
Irises draped in sunshine
Primrose blossoms and the daylily
A canary singing near the birdbath
Blush lemonade, sweet, laced with salt
A sunburst margarita
By your favourite window spot

For a very special friend. He knows. ·٠•●♥♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥♥

“Silence is not always golden; sometimes just yellow.” It is sweet, tangy, full of sunlit dreams and vibrant hopes. It is the nectar of life of universal love. Be still, be silent.

Happy Basant Panchmi .. Spring love to all of you. Enjoy some sun-kissed pineapple flowers.


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