If I had my life to live over – GBE2 Week#56

If I had my life to do over then would it really be Me ? It would certainly be some other person. doing other things, living other life and to me seems a bit scary. Life gave me a choice to make my choices and I did –  good or bad. I am a better person by learning from all that went wrong and by making the best of  all that was beautiful.

There was a time when I felt that I wish I could live my life all over again and make it better than what I am living but then it would be a new beginning and in no way I will be able to compare it to this one.  I won’t even have any memory of this life. It will have its own challenges, pains, joys, mistakes, sacrifices.   It will be a new roller coaster ride.

Certainly there are things I wish were different. Some of them I can change now and am doing it as best I can.

Sometimes one rides the roller coaster and in the end gets off to find the treasure. I feel I have been given a chance to live my life again.  Start afresh.

However, I do sometimes feel that IF I had my life to do over I would love to be the leather clad, tattooed, biker chic who hangs out with tough guys and gals, is carefree and takes no crap from no one. 😀 Single, self-willed, independent woman who lives for herself and does what she wants. Not afraid to try anything new. Not afraid at all.

I think I miss out on adventure, travel and all that now. Someone not chained by anything . Yes, one thing is for sure , even with this tough adventurous life I would never trade my heart for anything 🙂 I guess I would be just as loving and caring, just as much in love with life, an incurable romantic as I am now.  This is what makes me who I am and  I still have a life ahead to do at least some of the things I wish for.

So, here’s to present , to the woman I am today and to life.

This post is written for  GBE 2 WEEK #56 (6-10-12 to 6-16-12): If I Had My Life to Live Over #GBE2

9 thoughts on “If I had my life to live over – GBE2 Week#56

  1. Tiku the biker woman … that would be a fun person to meet! So go ahead, travel the globe. It would be a great way to live the life you have now

    You said it Ritu.. I would give it all to have a life like that. There are so many dreams to cherish .. Glad to have friends like you who believe in me. hugs


  2. ever see “run lola run”…YUP i hear you!! HEY i did the biker chick for a weekend..still have the butterfly tat on my arm..and the other one..which only hubby sees..LOLOL it was fun!! I do look at those TATS and think..WTH was i THINKING OF..but still smiling!!!!! TFS and bringing back some precious memories

    :)) yup seen it. Ah such sweet memories you must be having. Those are moments on lives for. Thank you for your comment here.


  3. Gosh, unlike you and apparently everyone else, I never wanted to be a biker chick! LOL But I loved reading this. ♥

    Thank you Jo. We all have some hidden desire.. they are all precious. ♥


  4. I think my husband would love it if I had a biker chick side. :O)

    ♥ maybe you could do that one weekend. Just for fun.All for love 😛


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