Last Fling Before The Ring – Lakshadweep Calling

It is unsettling to say the least when you watch recording of Oscars in the night and, next morning, bravely venture to get a free skin analysis done in a salon and then like an idiot decide to shed clothes to observe yourself in the full length mirror. Trust me it is not easy if you are in mid forties, mother of two and have neglected yourself since long. I could hear Oscar Wilde’s ghost whisper in my ear, “Twenty years of romance makes a woman look like a ruin; but twenty years of marriage make her something like a public building”.

I didn’t look That bad but my skin certainly did.  I stood staring blankly at my once clear glowing face marred with sun spots, lines and sun tan. Signs of early aging were slowly becoming visible.  My skin surely needed a lot of detoxification and damage repair.  Getting into swimwear each day made me conscious of what I needed to do but the question was HOW?

With splitting heart my eyes scanned the disaster that was looking at me from the mirror and I cursed myself for so sadly neglecting myself and wondered if I could ever get a nice healthy, toned body with a clear, glowing flawless complexion again. All the healthy food I was eating wasn’t helping much it seemed.

The shrill sound of the doorbell shook me out of my reverie and throwing some clothes on I rushed to the door.

“Mom, I have a surprise for you” my younger one beamed with joy.

“Yeah sure, I just woke up from a nightmare so it better be good” I muttered as I kissed him on the forehead. Realizing how pigmy like I looked in front of this handsome six footer.

“Oh come on mom, chillax . You will love this.”

He handed me a bright invite

My knees gave way as I sank into the sofa. My reflection sprang out of the mirror and began to roll on the floor laughing.

“What? I can’t go to this beach bash  looking like this and it’s going be such a harsh sun out there. Not the right season. What is she thinking? “

I imagined myself all browned like a roasted chicken with a face which could scare the daylights out of anyone.

“I am not going and that’s final”, the words sounded feeble as the thought of verdant landscape, deep blue lagoons, white beaches and fun-filled laughter of my best friends in bikinis and sarongs filled my mind.”

It was too tempting.

I pinged her on Skype.

“Hey gorgeous, did you get my invite? We will stun the sun on those enchanting beaches and have a wild, happy time there so start packing. There is so much to do there, including water sports. Am so excited and I won’t take a No for an answer, ok?”  She looked radiant and she was just a few years younger. How the hell she manages that, I thought. What could one say to a girl so full of life and whose name meant “like sun”. She could brighten up any life any time. That’s what made her special.

“Hey, I just got the invite. It’s beautiful. Bachelorette party, you wild thing, only you could get this crazy idea, Mind blowing’. We laughed.

“What’s life without some fun, baby. I knew you will love it.

“True, but don’t you think It will be too hot and sunny, Kyra. I am not sure I am fit enough to face the harsh sun and push my body to that limit. I won’t feel comfortable in beach wear and my skin will be more damaged than ever.” Reality suddenly dug its claws in me.

“Arrggh, what world are you living in babes? Step out of your cocoon. It is high time. Begin to love and pamper yourself.  It’s never too late. All the adventure sports, relaxed time with friends will do you good and to some extent tone your body too. It would be just like old times. You are coming. That’s it.” She smiled warmly.

“Alright, alright, but look at me, what about my skin, I already have a complex about how I look these days.

“Oh, have no fear when Kyra  is here” she winked.  “Hold on” she vanished from the screen and appeared in a second.

“I have a magic potion for you. I knew you will make excuses as always. Check these out” She displayed a range of LAKME sun expert products on the bed. “These are my constant companion when I travel and you know I do travel a lot. Look at my skin. The sun can’t harm the skin however harsh it may be. It is sweat and water-resistant so you can use it while swimming too. Isn’t that great? Trust me. Wear Lakme sun screen and you don’t need anything else…. sad that there are no nude beaches” , we both giggled as the young man next to me sighed. You can join their page on FB also I love Lakme 

“How cool is that”. I said happily and watched as she explained the goodness of Lakme Sun Expert range of products. I lapped it up all and my heart suddenly took a flight when she said these products not just protect from deep skin sun damage but also heal, repair and correct past sun damage, dark spots and pigmentation. Water resistant, now that was a life saver.

This was sheer magic and a relief. I made a mental note to pick up everything my skin needed, forgot the morning trauma and said, “I am game, let’s have a kickass all girls getaway. “Am so happy for you Kyra and hey, thanks for thinking of me”. She blew me a virtual kiss.

“Oh come on Tiku, you are my best friend. I couldn’t have this bachelorette bash without you. Now cheer up. Remember your favourite Bruno Mars song

“there’s not a thing that I would change

Cause you’re amazing, just the way you are”

I laughed and blew her a kiss. “You bet”

My son threw his arms around me and said to Kyra, “Hey sunshine, wish men were allowed too. Hawt chics and no men, not fair but am glad you convinced mom. Love ya”

“I told you I will, handsome.” She winked.

“Umm so it was a planned conspiracy, huh? I ruffled my boy’s hair.

“Yes, coz your boys think you deserve it as much as I do. We know you always wanted to go to Lakshadweep and love beaches”

I was filled with love for these beautiful people in my life.

“Yes, few things in life are as enjoyable as frolicking carelessly on the beach with you girls. The waterfront, sea breezes, my best girlfriends, icy cocktails served up with paper straws, adventure sports, late night grill and grub.” I said dreamily.

“Yes, Yes, You just pack your essentials and hey, you still look amazing so shed all inhibitions and bring yourself out of the closet along with those sexy outfits of yours.” She winked.

I laughed. “Of course we will freak out. I am ready to challenge the sun. The allure of the deep blue lagoons is simply too much to resist.  Imagine the enchanting expanse of emerald isles, unpolluted, warm unruffled water, and miles of sun drenched spectacular creamy sand beaches, swaying palms, dazzling underwater marine life, deep mysterious coral reefs. It is going to be a breathtaking adventure Kyra… Gosh I can’t wait now.”

“Yeah, I want it to be the best days of my life with you guys. Imagine all six of us together again. It’s been so long. There will be so much to do, scuba diving, snorkelling, Windsurfing, parasailing, water skiing, deep-sea fishing. I have kept the last day for the un-inhabited island of Bangaram.  We will just quietly laze on the beach and soak in the bewitching beauty around. Having fun with the gang again will be a bonus”. Her enticing smile filled the screen and my heart.”

She knew I hated the sun and didn’t feel comfortable leaving the confines of home.  We always knew what was in other’s heart. Distance and time hadn’t changed anything. My body could do with some exercise and toning and this vacation would not just provide that but get me loads of sunshine vitamin without any harm.

“You will have an awesome bachelorette getaway  Kyra. I will see to that.” I promised myself to make every moment special for my best friend and made a note to call the rest of the gang and plan a special beach surprise for her, lavish lunch, her favourite game of volleyball, dance, music, delicious local food and cocktails as a cherry on top. I thought of all the nature walks and sightseeing tours I could arrange for her, knowing she was fond of knowing about different cultures and places. Visit marine museum and take our binoculars to do bird watching. The sun-kissed days will have a lot to offer.  Excursions in glass bottom and sail boats, fishing trips that will take us into the brilliant sunsets.  We will pamper her and ourselves to some exotic luxurious spa treatment too. The nights of course will reveal its secrets when the time comes. Memories of the night outs we six used to have, came flooding to me.

Promising to meet soon I got off skype‘s virtual world and took out my notepad to plan the surprises for her. I had lots to do, things to buy beginning with my magic Lakme sun expert. Nothing was going to stop this wanderlust now especially not the merciless sun.

This post is especially written for  Indiblogger’s 

The Lakmé Diva Blogger Contest

Pic courtesy Google, Photoshop edited by me.

6 thoughts on “Last Fling Before The Ring – Lakshadweep Calling

  1. Wow! Very creative. Explanation of the exhaustive years of motherhood in the first few paragraphs is so true. Hope the lakme sun expert will really make some difference.

    Thank you so much. I am sure it will :). The new range is very effective. Though I have used only the sunscreen till now.


  2. Hehehehe I love the panty flashing girl – is that you ? 😛 Nice one, best of luck

    lol . I imagined it to be me.. hope some day 😛 😛 Thank you Ritu.


  3. nice write up.. i completely agree with
    //“Twenty years of romance makes a woman look like a ruin; but twenty years of marriage make her something like a public building”.//
    all the best for the contest..

    Thanks so much. Keep visiting and commenting. To balance nicely body and spirit is the idea. 🙂


  4. Hey…very nice post….I like it…specially this line…Twenty years of romance makes a woman look like a ruin; but twenty years of marriage make her something like a public building.


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