You and Me- Let me cafuné * you tonight

Let us do something different with our nights. Let us take off to someplace unknown. Far from the madding crowd.

Let me cofuné you. Your head on my breast. Eyes closed.

Let us spread the buttergold moon over each other’s bodies. Let it melt on the tips of our hungry tongues.

Let us open our arms wide like fishing nets and catch some stars. If not , then just lie down still,  your body against mine,  under the open sky and watch the night sky.

Let us just throw every last care away. Let’s be happily hopelessly  messy.

Let’s eat with bare hands, no spoons, knives, forks.  Let fingers, tongue and mouth replace ’em.

Let us lose track of time Time. Disconnect.  Do away gadgets. Switch off.

Let’s indulge.  Draw a bath,  light candles, slip into the warm water. Smoldering pools of liquid heat.

Let us sleep like commas. Sweat, moisture, supple, soft folds of skin concealing the hearts of desire.

Let us curl up and make each other laugh, play checkers or just listen to the sound of our heart, warm, live, improvident, indecent hearts .

Let us throw ourselves over the edge.

Let us forget who we are, forget from where we are, forget the world, forget everything , nullify everything but that we are together in that moment.

Let us take the empty road, absorb each other and the sounds of night.

We will have other crazy things to do when the day breaks..

Love is worth it.

Let us love and mean it.

Cafuné: From Brazilian Portuguese, meaning to tenderly run one’s fingers through someone’s hair.

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