My Poems In ZAPOROGUE 11

The new year started with this fantastic news.  I feel honored and over the moon to be part of this illustrious literary magazine.  You can download it for free   LE ZAPOROGUE 11    or buy a paperback  LE ZAPOROGUE 11

The magazine has some  great literary works by some of my friends who are brilliant writers  ( Matthew Bialer  , he is an amazing photographer too among other things. Check his FB Profile   and Maree Scarlett  , the gorgeous poetess from Sydney )  and other very talented authors.

Last year when SEB DOUBINSKY,  a friend and author of  GOOD BYE BABYLON (Black Coffee Press), asked me if  I would like my poems to be published in his literary zine.  I was thrilled to say the least.  For a moment it seemed like I have hit a jackpot and I eagerly said, “Yes, I do. I do.”  It came as a best new year gift to me. 🙂

Seb is a professor of literature in Aarhus, Denmark, a published literary critic and an acclaimed poet with a great eye, a sense of mission and a kind heart. You can see the passion with which he brings out this amazing magazine. Do  read.

Thank you Seb for showcasing my work. For a learner there can’t be anything so  heart warming than this. 

You can view the Author’s Spotlight  HERE 

3 thoughts on “My Poems In ZAPOROGUE 11

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