Homemade Apple Jam

After a very long time I decided to do the things I always loved to do. Cook, bake , flirt with those spices, fruits, veggies and much more. Winter is usually the time to make all these delicious things, peanut butter, jams , jellies, pies , carrot and pumpkin Halwas etc.

It is the time when the markets are full of colorful veggies especially the leafy greens and delicious apples, raspberries, guavas etc.

Homemade apple jam with a dash of cinnamon or clove is something I love. the golden bitter sweet marmalade and the fragrant apple jam are two things I love on my crisp toasts.

Here is my very own recipe :

Hope you will enjoy making it  and spread some sunshine on  the breakfast table.

Ingredients :

Red Delicious Apples –  1/2 Kg.

Sugar – 1Cup

Lemon Juice – 4 Tablespoon ( 1 big size lemon is good)

Warm Water – Enough to submerge the apple

Cloves 3

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1. Wash , peel and cut apples in small cubes. Remove the seeds and core.

2. Take a heavy bottom pan and put chopped apple in it. Pour just enough water to submerge the apples.

3. Add cloves.

4.  Keep the pot on high flame to bring the water to boil and then lower the flame.

5. Keep stirring till apples soften.

6. Remove any foam that forms on top of mixture.

6.  Add sugar once the apples become soft. Mash them to make a smooth texture.

7.  Add lemon juice at this point

8. Keep the flame low and stir continuously so that the mixture does not stick to the bottom of the pan.

9.  Cook it till the mixture passes the “setting test” .

 The test to check if the jam is ready

Take a clean glass plate and put a spoonful of jam on it. If the mixture runs on tilting the plate , it is not done but if sticks to the plate and glides slowly then its ready to cool. After cooling it will thicken more. If it seems too thick then add a little water and continue to simmer till it passes the test, if it’s runny the simmer for some more time and then remove for cooling. 

10. Cool the mixture and slowly spoon it into sterilized jar.

So now that we have a delicious jam, let’s have a hot mug of coffee with crisp whole wheat bread and jam. 😀

Happy Eating !


5 thoughts on “Homemade Apple Jam

  1. seeing a post from u after a long time,and a delicious one at that… tnx tix…have jotted it down. love making jams,but am impatient,so end up with a runny jam or a rocky one 🙂


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