Words – Silence : Short Poems

cookie crumble
winds of change
scattered them
and now
all I have is
a quiet ache
a solitary pain
a handful of emptiness


laid to rest
tied in neat bundles
darkness a ribbon


you stripped me off my word garment
unraveled it quietly
pulled a good seam i guess
took the braid of thread
and walked away
there wasn’t a single knot
a perfect weave of silence and words
but how would You know 


your silence – my words
longing to touch
twirl the unseen thread of distance
around your nimble fingers
bring them close
let them merge

on your lips or mine


Ever dealt with naked silence

it works best from a distance

somethings are better when under wraps

4 thoughts on “Words – Silence : Short Poems

  1. Hi Tiku,

    I’ve just started reading your poems (as promised) and they’re wonderful. Just one tiny suggestion. It’s kind of distracting and difficult to read on screen with the floral background. It would be great if you could use a monochromatic body colour just for the post section of your blog. But, then again if I am the only one who’s given you this feedback, don’t bother. I’ll read your poems by copy-pasting them into MSWord.



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