Thursday Photo Theme – Family(Unconditional Love)

The theme for this Thursday is  “FAMILY” (Grandparents, Parents, Children, Family Occasions, Moms with Babies, Animals,…)

These pictures will tell you what family means. The warmth and camaraderie between us and our animal companions. Nature is a powerful teacher. I was astonished how Elsa protected and cared for Pepper’s pups. You do not have to give birth to be a mother .


I witnessed the most humane of all bonds in these gorgeous creations of universe. I have read and seen from close counters how animal companions (never call them pets) enrich our lives with unconditional love. Here is an example of  love and care beyond color, caste, creed, something we humans never learned.



This a sight I will remember forever. See how the little cherubs are trying to reach Elsa’s teats as she lovingly obliges. Beautiful motherly love.

Elsa moved away as the little ones gathered around their mother. It was an evening of  tremendous joy and its not just that the dogs played among themselves. we were showered with affectionate licks and cuddles as well.

There is such spontaneous surge of affection that these beautiful animals show. I have found that family extends far beyond what the society defines.


You don’t choose your family.  They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.  ~Desmond Tutu

8 thoughts on “Thursday Photo Theme – Family(Unconditional Love)

  1. YEsssssssssss now that is something to sit up and think about .. BEautiful pictures Wish we HUMAN’s are also so loving and Humanee…


    Thank you so much. I am glad it touched a chord with you.


  2. I once knew of a (homeless) dog family where one mother and her three puppies were taken care of by three other dogs, one female and two male. The other female was as loving as Elsa above, and the male dogs were also very patient with the puppies’ frolic and antics 🙂 Once we know a little about them, we end up finding out what family values truly are.

    Yes you are so right IHM. I saw your post too. will comment. I was waiting to get to lappie. it needed to be shared too. There are hundreds of example we see in daily life but hardly learn from them. you have a beautiful heart Seema. hugs.


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