Think Again Mister

so you think you can tame me

as you did before 

chop my life into sick sodden slices

sear my brain

suck marrow out of my bones 

pierce and skewer my heart

curve out the soft flesh

from under my breast 

and turn me into 

some luscious dish 

 gloat over my misfortune

creep under my skin

and nibble my flesh

like a parasite

reduce me to dust

 sweep me under the carpet

or chain me, a performing monkey

and command in your stringent voice

“Perform ! “

this manhood that you flaunt

doesn’t excite me

it will be your cross

and your whip your noose

and I, whom you call  dreg

will rise and blind you

am no marionette

I will end your masquerade

the show will end

and I

will take a bow

17 thoughts on “Think Again Mister

  1. Too Powerful-slashes you like a bayonnette. You always do take the last bow-with your amazing string of words,keep writing

    Thanks so much Na. I am trying to get out of mushy lavender skies and slice it into some hardcore verses . Glad you liked. Helps me to heal too. hugs


  2. I love your sentiments but somewhere behind a man’s ego or arrogance is a woman’s fault. That of the mother, who treats him like a King, makes him believe he owns the world & that a woman is a think & not a person. Ultimately we are our own enemy, woman crave power far more than men & they know how to gain it, manipulation …


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