Thursday Photo Theme – Fire

FIRE ” (Flame, Burning, Hot Things, Matches, Lighters,…) that’s the theme this Thursday. Fire is a healer , a cleanser and a sacred symbol in Hinduism. It is a creator and a destroyer.

It is also one of the four classic elements. Fire is also one of the five elements of which all living beings are comprise and its an essential part of all major religious ceremonies.

This is a photograph of the evening Aarti ( prayer ceremony) at the ghat ( Har ki paudi )  of Ganges in the Holy city of Haridwar. I am not a religious person but some sights are breathtaking . Just to watch hundreds of devotees gather in faith to perform an age old ritual is amazing.

It is a public event full of  sound light and color . Huge flames of lamps are seen from a distance as priests wave them chanting mantras. Small diyas ( earthen wick lamps) float quietly in the calm waters of ganges carrying hopes and dreams of the masses.

In the same city a lonesome diya stands with pride in a small home a some poor with great digity and much greater reverence telling us that all one needs is the will and a light to guide us.  One doesn’t need a display to connect with the inner . one doesn’t need to to big . All that is needed is courage to brave the storms and burn bright  just like the flame of  this tiny diya.

I always say

Don’t be the spark Be the flame.

Chingari nahi lapat bano. 

4 thoughts on “Thursday Photo Theme – Fire

  1. Both have their significance and sanctity. The fact that so many people come to one place with faith is what makes a place sacred — it need not be religious feeling, but the positive energy of the faith of so many hearts gives us solace and peace.


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