Sunset Solitude

The sun woke up from slumber and glanced leisurely at the earth below. I watched the gilded clouds drift with the cool morning breeze. On the other side gray mist was rising. The smell of thunder hung heavily in the air and within no time the dark clouds descended and the earth was covered with thick drapery of rain. The Whole day  the game of hide and seek continued and towards the afternoon the sun managed to emerge out of its veil.

I watched the sun stabbed sky as the afternoon shadows began to stretch long and thin. Alone, I wrapped and folded my thoughts under the pillow and watched the sky catch fire. Somewhere between my sunset and your sunrise we lost our way. I watched the clouds turn into castles,cliffs, hills, shadowy gleans and  groves. Some  moved listlessly , their edges burning crimson while others just masses of molten lava floated where ever the wind took them

Usually the setting sun calms me but today the splintered  sky  drew blood from my heart. I watched the carnage of abandoned memories and dreams unfulfilled. Maybe it was  moment of catharsis. Something must die to give birth to a new thing. It felt therapeutic to look at the changing sky colors and the different shades of red, pink, yellow and blue. Sun is a potent source of energy and yang.  Instead of closing my eyes to it I looked deep into the crimson west and let my body absorb the glow.

It was the time for the birth of night with all its mysteries and dark potentialities. The twilight hour was close. That dividing line that joins and separates two opposites at the same time.  Sunsets can draw you like magician and keep you suspended between heaven and earth.  One gate closes another opens bringing with it new challenges, new hopes. One must gather the ashes from the pyre and scatter it in the deep dark approaching night  to be merged forever into oblivion and prepare for yet another birth of a new day.

It had been a long and testing day. The temple bells , the cacophony of birds, the deepening shadows , the strong cool breeze and the early August sun setting behind the concrete jungle all of it was a sublime experience. I stood on the terrace 14 floors above the ground and gazed at the world around me till the distant horizon. The earth bears the cycle of birth and death with patient love.

I remembered Robert Frost’s poem

Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to-day.
Nothing gold can stay

The lone kite was circling above and the pigeons were huddled together on parapets, railings and windowsills. It was time to mend the frail garment of  life and  weave some threads of gold and red into it. It was time to catch the last strains of day’s symphony and turn them into a new music score.

5 thoughts on “Sunset Solitude

  1. Amazing Pictures. 🙂 And very Nice thoughts
    Would appreciate to read more and more everyday 🙂
    Make me feel positive*


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