Photo Theme For Thursday – “Yellow”

Yellow is the theme for this Thursday’s photo challenge.  Yellow reminds me of Marigolds, bright sunshine, dahlias and lovely yellow sunflowers.  It also reminds me of evenings spent under Laburnum trees.. It’s yellow lantern of delicate flowers swaying with   summer breeze.

You will be surprised to see  intoxicating yellow  of the ripe jack fruit.


Among the tropical fruits the deep intoxicating fragrance of ripe Jack fruit and its delicious taste still makes me reminiscent of  the childhood days spent in Pune. I love the crunch in them and there is no other joy which fills my heart than carving out the ripe yellow pieces of this lovely fruit.

The morning sun rays bathed the gorgeous plant and its yellow immediately brightened up with joy.  The simple pleasure of life that gladden the heart and make life worth every living moment.

The most beautiful things sometimes grow in the midst of  thorns. During my walks in Lonavala I found this yellow beauty tucked away among spikes that drew blood at one touch. A clear sign that nature wants us not to disturb the balance it has created.

There is always something precious in what nature gives us. we just have to open our hearts to receive it.

4 thoughts on “Photo Theme For Thursday – “Yellow”

  1. How fun to see a photo of jack fruit for this challenge, since I just tried ~ and loved ~ my first jack fruit dish on vacation in Colorado last month, jack fruit tacos! I wish we could grow them here, I’d cook with them a lot!

    I love your yellow flowers and the last line of this post (I agree completely!) Yellow really is such a cheerful color, it’s almost impossible to see it and not have your spirits lifted.


  2. Great clicks.. Know what? In North India, Lucknow to be precise, I’d NEVER thought of Jackfruit as a fruit, despite its name.. it was just a vegetable to us. When I came to Mumbai and saw it being sold like a fruit I was apalled.. I couldn’t fathom how someone could it it without the heavy gravy or deep fried with besan. Now of course now I’m used to it.. Isn’t it strange how diverse our country is?


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