10 Day You Challenge – Day 5 : Four Books


You can give me some good books , a few bars of chocolate and refill my jug of filter coffee and then  lock me up for the rest of my life.  This is getting tougher than I imagined. Choosing four books out of so many that I love is unfair. Let me pick up some titles/ authors who are my all time favorites. The books I can read over and over.

1. Gabriel García MárquezLove in the Time of Cholera –  I read Marquez during my course in Spanish language. The book’s theme ‘the transcendental power of love, its sacredness and embodiment in everyday life’  is portrayed  so beautifully that one doesn’t want the novel to end. Though It was the first novel Marquez wrote I read One hundred years of solitude first and then got lured to this one. Marquez maintains a dark earthy humor through out the book. I would call if a masterpiece of sensuous prose. A must read.

2. The Witch of Portobello – Paulo Coelho–  “How do we find the courage to always be true to ourselves—even if we are unsure of whom we are?” The question was nagging me and the answer came through this absolutely wonderful book by Coelho. I love his works and have read most of them. Bewitched by Athena, the lead protagonist, I read the entire book in one marathon read and then read it again.  Many people have not liked it as much as other Coelho books but for me this is a pilgrimage of soul, an inner journey into the hidden power of our life infused with philosophy, religious miracles, love, fear of loss .It is a story of her spiritual quest, her constant urge to fill the empty spaces in her life, her efforts to connect to her spiritual side through music and dance.

3. The Alexandria Quartet – Lawrence Darrell – A sensuous tetralogy set in Egypt, Greece , the book captivates with its romantic spirit, pain, espionage, and mystery. Each story is a word picture and is luscious, delightful. The characters are complex, colorful and deep, the vocabulary intense and elegant, the plot like a magical tapestry. Over all a fantastic book if you have patience to go through a thick quartet. One can read the books individually also. All of them are set in beautiful and rugged Alexandria, Egypt.I recommend this to all who are passionate about  reading. A fascinating book with a unique style and structure.

4. Bhagvad Gita  – This ancient Hindu epic is a philosophy of life as I read it. I am not a religious person but I read with an open inquisitive mind.  Krishna is the only person in the history of human consciousness who is tremendously in love with life, with the poetry of life, with the music of life, with  dance of life. He is not at all life-negative, he is very affirmative. And he accepts life as it is; he does not put god and the world as opposites.” When I read Bhagvad Gita or The song Divine  it transformed  my way of life. We , who do not see Krishna just as a God , see his as a yogi, a philosopher and a teacher. He is the greatest scientist and engineer . You can listen to the Song Divine Here  but you must keep a copy of it with you to read as part of your daily routine. It is a science of self-realization and deep inner knowledge. For me a spiritual quest. Read more about Krishna and

One book I want to pick from my childhood.  I know it is a four book challenge but I still want to write about it. The Fire Bird was one of the first Hard cover books I had and the exotic book cover made it even more delightful. It had lovely colorful illustrations and a brilliantly told story that I read every night. It made me dream of castles, princesses and the exotic fire bird. The illustrations are by  Boris Zworykin. I parted with the book in tears when it was given to a library for kids. Somehow I had realized I will miss it all my life. It was also a birthday present.

The one I had, had a glowing Orange cover with a huge fire bird, I searched but could not find the same cover online. Russian Tales are always very engrossing and my all time favorites .

There are many more books I could have written about . Maybe in some other post 🙂 Meanwhile enjoy these.

One thought on “10 Day You Challenge – Day 5 : Four Books

  1. I did the same post just now. We have such different tastes in books! 🙂 It’s always great to read other’s choices of books, because it gives me more names to turn to in future.


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