10 Day You Challenge – Day 6 : Five Foods

I am extremely fond of experimenting with various cuisines. Though I don’t like Chinese/ Thai  food much I enjoy Dim sums and some other dishes to some extent. My favorites are vary according to mood of the day and time too. 🙂

I may long for a continental breakfast of bacon and eggs on a particular day and the next morning gorge on stuffed parathas with butter, pickle and yogurt. ( I can eat peanut butter sandwiches anytime  though) 😉 (drool)

Some things that remain my constant love are :

Desserts : I can gorge on any kind of dessert without any guilt. Be it simple jalebi or exotic gateau. A chocoholic to the core I love to indulge in desserts with chocolate. Among Indian sweets I love  shreekhand, Basundi (kheer) , Mysore Pak, hot gulab Jamun with vanilla ice cream, malpua with rabdi,  Ras malai phirni , bhuna peda, karanji, gajar halwa and so on :p and I can also relish kiwi gateau, cakes, pastries and Swiss roles . Am not much fond of brownies though. I love lemon tarts and apple crumble/pies. I think I should be a little considerate towards those diabetic friends who must be reading this 😉 . Sorry folks I feel for you but am a sinner and glutton for sweets. 😀

I love Lebanese food : I think Lebanese food is very healthy and I like it very much. Shawarma and falafal sandwiches were my staple diet at one time and I still indulge now and then. Love the Lebanese breads with Hummus. I make Baba Ganoush, shawarma rolls and pickled radishes  at home. There is so much variety of veg and non veg dishes in Lebanese food . Check this out : Recipes 

3. Italian – Spaghetti with meat balls, Pasta in various sauces, Pizzas, Risotto , you name it and I love it. Lasagna is also one of my favorites. There is so much to choose from Italian Cusine. One site that I love for recipes and knowledge about Italian food is Anna Maria’s Open Kitchen   Enjoy!

4. Street and Dhaba  food: If you live in India and that too in North India and don’t love local street food and dhaba food then you must be off your rockers. It is the  life line of all foodies. There is nothing more exciting than eat those sumptuous gol guppas, chats, tikiis and bhelpuri , kathi rolls etc right there from the vendors. Those who are conscious about hygiene and crap should stay away.  I love dhaba food too. Murthal is the place for vegetarian delights and one can go to Delhi Gurgao Border for delicious non veg food . The high point of driving through the National Highways in North India is  presence of those fantastic dhabas with mouthwatering parathas, dal and tandoori rotis coming out fresh   from the clay oven. The entire process is worth experiencing . It is cheap , fresh and nutritious all the way to big glass of lassi malai mar ke. :p

5. Varan Bhat –  Whatever one may say Home made food is the   best. Simple Varan bhat ( dal and rice ) with toop( clarified butter) and lemon pickle. I think we can indulge in whatever cuisine and go gorging on delicacies but ultimately this simple dal chawal is what we return to.  It is the best comfort food and very fulfilling too. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “10 Day You Challenge – Day 6 : Five Foods

  1. this is obviously years after the fact but i’m so glad i stumbled upon this “10 day” challenge of yours. positively wondrous. i’m so glad it’s still up! thank you for this


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