Photo Theme For Thursday – Vehicles

Thursday theme this time is Vehicles  ((Trucks, Motorcycles, Cards, Buses, Bicycles,…) .

It happens only in India. We flaunt rules and get away with it. These first two pictures are from National Highway 24 and Rajasthan .

He may not be doing the proper  balancing act between his mother and wife at home but he sure knows how to balance his truck. Every time our car crossed a  truck like this I said my prayers. It is amazing how they bribe and get away with no fines. A regular feature on national highways.


He is  Aryton Senna among tractor drivers. This kids is happy with this mean machine and drives it well. Though he is underage for a driving license but that doesn’t stop him from racing the thing around.


This the National Capital. Chaos at the traffic signal.  The bus driver took a wrong turn and then could not reverse the long vehicle causing a jam. Meanwhile we feasted our eyes on this beauty ahead of us. This Audi was racing along with us for a long time and boys were getting hyper to take a picture. The opportunity came at this point but they could not click more pictures. The question my younger one always asks is ,” why do we always find morons and jokers behind the wheels of  such smashing beauties ? Sigh ! ” It seems they have money sweetheart. 😀


3 thoughts on “Photo Theme For Thursday – Vehicles

  1. Wonderful clicks! The first one is awesome…. upar to bhar hee rakha hai so much of stuff, the two bags below is damn creative! 🙂
    The kid drives the tractor!! I thought, he would be just posing with the big machine! 😐
    And that thing abt money… so very true!! 😀


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