10 Day You Challenge – Day 5 : Six Places


Six Places. What should I list? Six places I would love to go? Six Places for foodies ? Six most memorable places I visited? Or Six places I would Not want to go again? The options are endless so let me make a cocktail of those which seem just a bit within reach. 😛 This planet has some of most amazing places which anybody would love to explore and I bet it’s impossible to do that in one life time. How can one just pick six? What about those which do not figure in the list?

1. Coastal Maharashtra and Coastal Karnataka–  This entire coastal  belt has been on my list for a long time. I want to travel the entire Karnataka and konkan coast ( from Raigad to Mangalore) by road and train.  I want to see the ancient caves, the temples, waterfalls, beautiful beaches and forts along with the scenic beauty. I want to spend sometime in fishing villages and savor the local cuisine too.  The place where I want to go first is Honavar. It is  maternal grandmother’s place and at the outskirts of Honavar we still have our ancestral home. The first canned mango pulp factory was started in Queen Victoria’s time by my grandmother’s maternal uncle in Vadgeri where he had mango and cashew orchards. I want to visit these orchards although the factory has been closed down.

2. North Eastern States – The entire North East  is on my list. Mountains never fail to lure me. There is something magical about the north-east and since I was a child I wanted to visit gorgeous Sikkim,  be with Nagaland tribes, visit the Kaziranga National Park and watch the splendour of Himalayas especially the Kanchenjunga Peak. Meghalaya and Tripura are another two top places in North East that I want to visit.

3. Great Barrier Reef – Awesome Australia and the Great Barrier Reef  is a dream destination. I want to visit this breathtaking coral reef before it dies out. If ever I have enough money to soak the sun on its enchanting golden beaches and picturesque tropical islands. I want to see all the 3000 individual reef systems and coral cays at least once before I die.

Now two places closest to my heart where I would love to be any time of the year.

4. Kinnaur – Strikingly beautiful Kinnaur is located in northeast corner of Himachal Pradesh. The three magnificent mountain ranges of  Zanskar, Greater Himalayas and Dhauladhar, enclose the  valleys of Sutlej, Spiti, Baspa and their tributaries. The place is awe inspiring with thick forests, raging rivers, apple orchards and colorful hamlet. The high terrain adventure is what lured me there. It was an amazing experience to drive down  The old Hindustan-Tibet road NH-22. We spent 5 days in camps and trekked the surrounding area, drove to the border of Tibet in the drizzle and sunshine. One has to visit this area to experience the thrill. The road is an adventure in itself especially for those who love to drive. We traveled at night and it still sends a chill down my spine when I think about it.

5. Pune – The city of Pune is closest to my heart. Some of the most  memorable memories are associated with this city. The joys of childhood and the sweet longings of teenage hood, the love of my grandparents and all  the wonderful vacations I shared with my cousins are vibrant part of Pune. I love the food, people and the calm. This is where I would want to spend my old age unless of course someone sweeps me off my feet :P.

6. Ranikhet and adjoining places – I was born in Nainital and the place hold special place in my heart. I have traveled to this part of Uttarakhand many times and each journey is a new adventure. The exotic locations tucked away in the Himalayas untouched by the tourist onslaught always draw me . The entire region from Nanital to Pithoragarh including Mukteshwar, ranikhet, almora, jogeshwar and many such destinations is a heaven for those who love nature at its best. I guess it is time for yet another journey another relaxed holiday. Anyone interested ? :p

Picture credit goes to their rightful owners. Google Images.

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