10 day you challenge :Day 2 : Nine Loves

This is challenge is getting tougher each day. Nine loves ..ummm .. Oh there are so many and this is unfair. 😦 Anyway let me list those which are not so obvious like my children, parents etc.


1. Music –  Music is therapeutic for me and I have started to enjoy a wide range from Jazz to blues, country music  to hard rock, pop and rap. I love Latin American music , the African beats left my spirits at any given time. I love Arabic music for its sheer sensuousness . I can listen to Old Bollywood songs of Hemant kumar, surriya , kishor Kumar and many others at any given time. I love Indian classical music too. Listening to Ustad Bilsmillah Khan, Pt. Bhimsen Joshi and Pt. Jasraj live was an experience I will never forget. I enjoy instrumental music too.  I feel music helps me relax and heal. I carry my music on my laptop, hone, IPod and my morning always starts with FM on the radio. I have discovered that playing music helps me in doing the mundane tasks in a quicker a better way.

2. Books – I grew up in midst of  books. My grandfather has a very good collection of classics and many other books by authors across the globe and then at home we had books ranging from communism to thrillers, romances, classics, children’s books, murder mystery and ghost stories. As a child I remember there were two books that were my favorites. Little Woman and The Fire Bird. We always got books from NBT and PPH and those Russian books for children in English were great fun to read. These days I read a variety of books and bedtime reading is a ritual which has stayed with me from my maternal home. However tired I maybe I always read before I sleep. There is nothing more erotic than the smell of  books. I used to spend hours in Libraries and now do that in book stores and trust me its truly excruciating.

3. Chocolates and cheese –  I am a complete chocoholic and cheese addict. Though I prefer dark bitter chocolate I can gorge on any kind or anything made of chocolate. I like liqueur filled chocolates, chocolates with orange flavor, strawberries , raisins, nuts dipped in  chocolate . Chocolate cakes, syrups,. After Eight is one of my all time favorites. Similarly I  am a die-hard fan of cheese be it Mozzarella, Parmesan, Ricotta or any other Italian Cheese .Feta is the one I love most but Cheddar is also all time hit. In fact I love to eat and savor any kind of cheese.

4. Travel – I traveled extensively till some years back especially in  Uttaranchal  and Himanchal Pradesh. I love mountains and exploring far off virgin places tucked away from the eyes of tourists is my idea of travel. I have plans to visit some of my dream places and am sure in coming years I will realize my dreams. Visiting National reserves, bird sanctuaries is also my passion. Anything that keeps me close to nature is welcome. I hate to travel to crowded cities  and prefer quite secluded places. The treks I did in Himachal and the visit to Kinnaur has been till now the most memorable of my journeys.

5. Writing and my blog – Writing is my passion be it on my blog or my diary or the book I dream of writing someday. I enjoy to let my thoughts take shape in form of poems, stories, memoirs etc. I stand for some very important social issues and writing about them on my blog has helped me voice my thoughts and reach out to people. Writing again is therapeutic to me. It has helped me grow and learn a lot about myself.

6. My friends – I lost a few very close friends  and realized that the void left is hard to fill. I give my 100% in any relationship and that is true of friendships too. There are casual friends, acquaintances , virtual friends, blogger friends and some very special ones who cross all boundaries all norms to form a bond of friendship which is beyond beautiful. I  cherish each friend and detest those who do not value the relationship. I think friends enrich your life and it is through them you truly come to know yourself. I learned a lot from each friendship and I feel some of them are more than my family now.

7. Snakes, Raptors, Spiders and stuff :p – I love them all. Snakes are amazing creatures and most misunderstood. I am completely awed by snakes and have handled them in captivity. Now the dream is to see some fabulous snakes and handle them in the wild. Same goes for the raptors. There is nothing more liberating than to watch an eagle fly. As a child I used to watch the kites flying high up in the vast blue sky. Just a spec slowly sailing effortlessly. Now that’s what I call freedom. I saw some of the gorgeous Griffon Vultures and Golden Eagles during my visits to Himachal. Now on the verge of extinction these beautiful birds of pray are in need of serious care. They say as long as the spider is visible it is fine, it’s when it vanishes then the problem begins. 🙂 well , although I watch them from a distance but I feel spiders are cool. They are artists and absolute joy to watch as they spin the beautiful webs. Spider webs are amazing wonders of nature.

Some day I would love to watch a blue cobalt tarantula ,  a black widow, a falcon and a condor plus some rare species of owls. Till then a regular barn owl would do.

8. Baby animals esp … – I love all things bright and beautiful all creatures great and small but some baby animals are my all time favorites. Have you ever seen baby donkeys 🙂 they are adorable . One can not but fall in love with them. They have such innocent expression on their faces and their eyes draw you with such warmth of love that you feel like hugging them. Another favorites are the baby monkeys, baby chimps . I have held a baby chimp in my arms and it was unforgettable as she circled her arms around me and kept her tiny head on my shoulder. They are very friendly and really cute.

9.Cocktails and liqueurs, ciders and Coffee  – You can explore, experiment and enjoy when it comes to cocktails and liqueurs. I love apple cider, peach schnapps, cocktails like Bloody Mary, Bay Breeze,  Long Island Iced Tea, Margarita, and the ever green Planter’s punch.Shots esp the brain Hemorrhage which truly lives up to its name. I love Liqueur like Kahlua, Tia Maria, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Crème de menthe and Pan Liqueur.

Am a caffeine addict and extremely fond of filter coffee in fact coffee of any sort at any given time. If I get it hot black and freshly brewed then there is nothing more I want in this world. The aroma of fresh roasted coffee beans can be an instant high.

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