Ten Day You Challenge – Post 1 Ten Secrets

I was magically pulled to this challenge which is floating in the Blogosphere and the more posts I read the more I wanted to do it. The fun started at Priti’s Blog and then I saw many of my friends getting caught in its enticing web.

Trust me this tough but then I love challenges. So here we go with the 10 secrets

Ten Secrets 

1. When I was seven years old it tugged at my heart that we never distributed sweets in the school for birthdays. It seemed so unfair so I took 100 Rs. from home and early morning at 6:45 managed to visit a local mithai shop bought Jalebies and carried them to school with a song in my heart. With pride and joy I told the flabbergasted onlookers than it was my birthday(it wasn’t). There was such a joy in distributing jalebies and fellow students had a blast but the fun ended when the principal who knew mom rang her and called her to school. What happened next made me hate Birthdays as well as jalebies. (just kidding :p I love jalebies but can’t eat one without crimson color rising to my cheeks ) . ( some 38 years ago that was hell lot of jalebies we got in 100bucks) 😀

2.  I saw the night show of Exorcist with my cousin and that too I was under age and tickets were bought in black. The family had no idea where we had gone. We watched the entire flick with not more than ten people for company in the entire hall.

3. I am petrified of rats. I can stand any creäture but rats and those pink little mice are complete turn off. (Though I loved Stuart Little)

4. I hate people who take relationships for granted.  People who use words like “sorry” without meaning anything.

5. A virtual something called ” our whatever”( Shhhh its a secret ok) :p . It’s a relationship which has no name. (or maybe it has) 😛 Sometimes love comes from most unexpected places 😛 even a long lasting friendship. Now you may ask how is it possible? rubbish .  Well it is there and am happy. Sometimes we indulge there are some secrets which have no answers and its better this way. 😉 But now that its out 😛 I want to know what this “whatever” is. Is ” someone” reading ?

6. I love Marmite  and have a  weird craving for odd food combos . Loved Jam biscuits dipped in a bowl of flowing hot vanilla custard. Called it Roly poly for some reason and gave them to my sons too when they were small.  Also Maggie with Tabasco sauce between two slices of white bread. Crushed Papad or bhujia on buttered bread(white)

7. I hate to drink plain milk and as a kid I made it a point to throw it away as quickly as it reached me. The very sight of malai on it made me puke. That’s another thing that freshly boiled milk is awesome and I can have it once in a while. (I was caught red-handed once and was punished to live on milk diet for two days just to teach me not to waste food. I learned it the hard way trust me.

8. I am extremely fond of speed and all kind of adventure sports. I keep dreaming of doing all the possible thrilling stuff and till sometime back I was terrified of flying in an aircraft and my heart would race faster than the speeding vehicle I was siting in. It still does at times , depends on who is driving :p

9. I love spooky stuff. Ghosts, dark creatures, magic, spells excite me. I have been to a cemetery at night and trust me I want to spend a night there or in any so-called haunted place at least once in my life . I did planchat in college hostel once and it went out of control. It is one experience I wont forget. I want to learn some dark art.

10. I love street food and local regional cuisine and detest five-star culture. Formal eating makes me uncomfortable. There is more joy in sucking the juicy pulp of mangoes than cutting in cubes and eating with fork or spoon. Similarly to lick the Shrikand from the bowl or eat dal chawal with hand is more satisfying than using spoon and fork.

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