T17- The Gorgeous Queen Of Ranthambore

When the legendary Machalli also known as Lady of the Lake was dethroned in September last year, It ended a magnificent era of 11 years of supremacy by this beautiful tigress. Ace cinematographer S.Nallmuttu made an award-winning documentary called “The tiger Queen ” on her where he has captured the  moving tale of rivalry a betrayal of the first family of tigers of Ranthambore National Park. This is India’s first full length wildlife film shot in a high-definition (HD) format. {  LINK  }

The new queen of the jungle T17 

All the photographs are copyrighted work of Aditya Dogra .

T17 the young majestic daughter of Machali first pushed her sisters out and then overthrew her aging mother in a heartless battle for supremacy to become the new queen. Machali left to salvage her former pride in isolation in another part of the park where she still lives. She was a heart throb of many wildlife enthusiast and tiger lovers . Which cat must have killed eight grownup crocodiles single-handedly. She was a legend of her times.

T17 is the youngest daughter of Machli , the other two were relocated to Sariska.

Usually a female tiger’s territory extends upto 5-10 kms & normally there are 2-3 such territories in  male tiger’s territory. The gorgeous T17’s  or Sundari’s ( as she is lovingly called in Rajbaug, her home base) territory is  spread over more than four tourist zones which includes all the three lakes Padam Talab, Rajbagh & Malik Talab & is regularly sighted in areas like Tamba Khan, Bhutkhurra, Kachida &Lakkad da to name a few.
She is one of the most sighted & most spectacular tigress of RNP & can be easily identified by radio collar belt in her neck. Camera friendly and fearless she  leisurely walks around the safari area. T17 is every photographers delight can be easily spotted. Graceful and regal she poses for photographs very often.

Bold and beautiful four-year old Sundari is a sight to behold. In a country where the tiger population is dwindling , it is really a joy to watch this healthy, vivacious female. I hope she becomes  the life spring of many future generations of tigers. She has a paramour code-named T28 and her courage to protect her partner  prevents any other tigers from 890 sq km area of RNP to venture into her domain.

Here are some photographs of the sensuous T17 taken recently by my son  Aditya during his corporate shoot assignment. A detailed write-up on the Ranthambore National Park will follow shortly.

Check the slide show for some more breathtaking photographs of  this real beauty .

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28 thoughts on “T17- The Gorgeous Queen Of Ranthambore

  1. Beautiful… I had been to Ranthambore in Jan 2009.. but unfortunately could not see any tigers 😦

    :)) This is the time when the sightings are more. Glad you enjoyed all the pictures.


  2. The first time I saw a tiger in my life, in a natural habitat, it took my breath away! The gait, the attitude and everything abt it – just can’t hv enuf of it 🙂

    Thank u soo much for sharing Tiku 🙂 Loved this post!

    I saw my first when I was 14 and that sight I can never ever forget. glad you enjoyed Swaram. This magnificent cat needs all the love and protection.


  3. tigers are magnificent creatures….nice post and amazing snaps….


    Thank you so much Sub . Glad you enjoyed. Did you read the linked post too?


  4. Great pictures … Tiger Spotting is great fun. We had a fabulous time @ Bandhavgarh in Dec 2009 … Ranthambore is on my list … Hopefully we’ll get to go there one of these days.

    Here is the link with my posts on Bandhavgarh in case you want to give it a dekho.


  5. Trailer looks cool for the “The tiger queen”. I am always at Nat-Geo to catch wildlife documentaries, so nice of you to pitch it to my knowledge.


  6. When I had gone to Ranthambhore, I had planned 5 safaris and the first 4 were really disappointing, with no tiger sightings, but in the last one, t17 gave us what we were all looking for. she just kept walking about the jeeps for almost an hour and gave the most exquisite poses. I love her… Long live the Queen


  7. I have taken off the photograph of Machali if that’s the one you were referring to. Sorry about this but the intention wasn’t to steal a pic from your site. I Appreciate your work a lot. The pic was given to me by someone and maybe he lifted it from your photographs.
    My apologies again.
    Best to you.


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  9. Not 2 other sister of T17 relocated to Sariska. Her sister T19 is there in Ranthamobre , who dethroned T17 from Lake. you will find her in zone 3 along with T28


  10. Thanks a lot. If you do want to use it just put my name in as the photographer. Really appreciate the fact that you took it down and apologized – shows class.


  11. I will surely do that whenever I need any photograph of yours. I love nature in all its forms and love your website and the passion with which you work.

    I removed the photograph and wonder if it is saved elsewhere. If you could give me access to it I would love to put it back with due credits. Thank you so much. You have a generous heart. I appreciate it.


  12. Hi Virag

    I got the information for the write up and the pix from my elder son. Maybe he is wrong about the fact. Will look it up and correct if needed. Thank you for pointing it put.


  13. I have view your photos which are really quite spectacular. I’ve known Machalli many years now thanks to Valmik Thapa. I must ask one question which has bothered me. These collars that are put on animals, do they hamper them in any way, get snarled in the undergrowth, cause chaffing and such like? It’s no doubt good for us, we get to do a lot of research, but what about the animals?


  14. Wow.. I also like ranthambhore. Ranthambore Tiger Reserve is one of the main and most famous national park in Northern India. The park is situated in the Sawai Madhopur district of southeastern Rajasthan, which is about 130 km from Jaipur. Being measured as one of the well-known and previous hunting grounds of the Maharajas of Jaipur, today the Ranthambore National Park terrain is major wildlife tourist appeal spot that has pulled the notice of many wildlife photographers and lovers in this purpose.


  15. I had been to Ranthambhore in Oct. 2013. Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve was amongst the first nine Tiger Reserve declared in 1973 at the launch of Project Tiger in India. It comprised the former Sawai Madhopur Wildlife Sanctuary of 392.5 sq. km. Reserved Forest.


  16. Loved this post. Unfortunately T17 has been missing for the past 1 year and is presumed dead. She was a beautiful tigress. I came across this post because I was doing research about the tigers of ranthambore. Am doing a series about them on my blog life-inspires.blogspot.in

    I tried to contact your son Aditya Dogra on Facebook. I would like his permissions to use one of these photographs in my post about T17. Could you please ask him to get in touch with me at vibha@literaturestudio.in? Many thanks!


  17. Miss her so much, a wonderful tigress she was .. may god bless her soul. Had numerous encounters with her and always loved clicking her portraits.. noone from the FD has released any report in her missing.. so sad


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