At The Edge Of River Yamuna : A love Poem

Do read this too     A love song for my Krishna 

from your dusk to my dawn

amidst the transmitting hues

on the horizon

where  darkness meets the light

I escape and lose myself in  you

in the shadows of passion

 like the  clouds

that dissolve in sunlight


 in your love

I melt and merge

my soul absorbs your fragrance

as your lips 

drink the nectar of my youth

while my body, aflame with 

the touch of  your unseen hands

explodes like million young stars 

in the splendorous sky

moist as the early morning grass

my flesh quivers

at the trembling liquid movement 

of your eyes

aroused by your playful seduction 

my limbs burn 

with the fierce waves of heat 

that rise within me

Wrapped in the warmth of

 your soft  sinuous  limbs

 I lie under the sun crushed sky

at the edge of river Yamuna

Sedated by the music of your flute

that floats through the forest groves

 my already unquiet senses ignite 

While the universe revels in our

 whispers of intimacy,

shouts of ecstasy,

 silence of consummation




3 thoughts on “At The Edge Of River Yamuna : A love Poem

  1. Delirious with love. One can feel each stanza and the burning desire for Krishna…U are so very gifted, lucky lady


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