No More A Trophy Wife

Sharp as mustard

his words stung and left

a trail of poison in my veins

the marks that you see on my face

are the scarred gashes of my  heart

parts of my body hurt

even with  friction of the clothes

I’m used to the metallic taste

of the human blood

“Perform” he used to say

his sandpaper lips

corroded my skin

rapacious, savage, fire-breathing monster

with tongue whipping in and out like a snake

his fangs exposed and dripping

large paws groping, trusting , tearing

mauling and ripping my soul

confused, deranged, wet and slimy

I lugged my pain streaked carrion

meticulously concealed

nothing but  a battered rag doll

with a wound between the legs

who says “time is a healer”

it torments, prolongs

I mulled memory wine for long

filled glasses, raised toasts

got drunk

and then one day

sprawled on the cold floor

I packed my dreams

gathered my hopes

threw you in the trash

crumpled ball of ink smudged paper

No more a sacrificial lamb

or a tasty morsel

a part of your feast

No more a nauch girl

a marionette

a trophy wife

to flaunt


keep encased

behind concrete walls

when not in use

I would rather

live on the streets

under the open sky

but will not be used, abused

humiliated, I won’t

become your trophy wife

I won’t succumb, I’ll fight

I will give  up

but won’t give in

my soul is hardened

I am a rock

31 thoughts on “No More A Trophy Wife

  1. I won’t succumb, I’ll fight
    I will give up
    but won’t give in
    my soul is hardened
    I am a rock

    I loved the last of your lines…. superb…

    I believe in that Vishal. Thanks for appreciation.


  2. “mauling and ripping my soul

    confused, deranged, wet and slimy

    I lugged my pain streaked carrion

    meticulously concealed”

    Amazing, effective metaphors!

    Thanks IHM for appreciation .I know you stand for dignity of each woman anyone in this world.


  3. Wait.Is it an work of muted fact or exaggerated fiction?If its the former, my commiserations.

    Get well soon, however I have a completely irreverent and an opposite take on heart breaks. Not to steal you thunder, i blogged about it in my post Move on.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the comment Dhanesh. It is a fact and not muted at all. I have moved on and thats why I can write about it so freely without any hesitation. Heartbreaks happen but there is always another rainbow. would love to read your post. will visit the blog. thanks again.


  4. Brilliant! If I didn’t know you wrote and had to guess the author, I’d have guessed it was Kamala Das’.

    Oh My Amropali , you made my day. I love her writings and the brave spirit of hers. Thank you so much


  5. Whoa! Is this personal Tikku? I hope not. Considering your writings, I think this is one powerful take, leaving me thoughtful. Don’t think any woman should be a “trophy” in any capacity.. well written!

    Yes it is Leo. Thank you for your comment. Agree with you here buddy. Hope some men would learn a few things and some women too ..


  6. If words can make you feel the pain like a slash on your soul, those words are indeed the most powerful ones.
    You are blessd indeed that you can make others feel with you. Its great to have you back , doing what you do the best..take care


  7. Understandable pain.. Long journey through the darkness but finally a light at the end of tunnel.. 🙂 You are brave and you are wonderful.. Every woman must fight for their equal rights and every man should realize the existence of equal population around the globe.


  8. though I dnt keep in touch Ritu keeps updating me. This poem was like a jolt, v well placed. ALl the best dear.


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