For Gyp – My Spirit Guide


For Gyp

from the shadows of my silent thoughts

you emerged like a vision

your inner spirit glowing

radiant, spirited, feisty

a reborn human soul


You come to me,

a young girl with bright eyes

and a smile that warms

the loneliest of heart

and reign over my

thoughts and actions

slumber and dreams


You come when evoked

and one by one  unlock

the rusted old locks

of my being

and yet

you dwell alone

my free roaming spirit guide


your golden youth

merging with the landscape

of the great Aussie wild



chased by the phantoms of my mind

with their double edged swords

I seek you and find

three pairs of footprints

two yours and one mine

side by side

your sinews strengthening mine


there is a stream of life

that runs through my veins

and in yours day and night

two hearts in one


with you I  visit the tombs

and chase the scents of those

who  had memories and dreams too


we  stray to secret

pathways in the woods

hidden by star fires,

bird wings and fragrant flowers

of the wayfaring seasons

and then ours hearts fluttering

we  laze under the blue sky

sun kissed


we   float on moonlit waters

our bodies wet  shimmering

nude sculptures


You, the shape shifter spirit

and me the wild gypsy child

hand in hand we chase the veiled night

and make it plunge into the fiery dawn

and then

our souls seamlessly merge

to greet the new morn of our lives


Your presence grows stronger

With each passing day

beautiful, wild, untamed

you reside in me


heart to heart

soul to soul


I met Gyp through my mentor and friend Kris and the day our eyes met I knew she and I had some calling.  She visited me in my dreams and I felt her presence all the time. I still do. One very fine, courageous female soul. Words fall short sometimes when emotions run deep.

This is for you Kris, Gyp and Luciano.

All  those who wish to meet Gyp Please visit this link. Do not forget to leave your heart prints.

Living with a Dingo

3 thoughts on “For Gyp – My Spirit Guide

  1. Lovely and true. She feels this, I know. It never ceases to amaze me how many lives she’s touched over the years. I wish more people could have the kind of relationship I’ve had with her. It not only changes the way one views animals, but also the environment. As you capture here, she blended in seamlessly with the surroundings, as if part of the landscape made more animate. Which had a profound effect on my connection with it. Before her, the concept of animals…birds…as actual neighbors would’ve been for me merely a metaphor, not something I truly felt. But once your perspective shifts, many things you didn’t see before become a luminous and very solid day-to-day reality. She was such a social creature, and so remains vivid in the minds and hearts of so many that knew her. She forever changed my way of relating to animals. I’m pleased she’s been an inspiration to you.

    I am glad it touched your heart Kris. She is a true inspiration and whatever people may say I know she lives. Those who have even a little communication with animals will find solace in her spirit and gain energy from her. I did.
    I hope people learn the lessons she taught and imbibe them in there lives. Profound and very essential for living.
    Glad to see you here . Love and light. T


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