Blog Break – On a mission

The icy winds of last two three days have left behind a frozen chill. Wrapped in the nothingness I listen to the hushed voice of silence. It moves slowly through the dripping trees, above the wet grass, over the empty roads and along the paths leading inside the smoky ridge area.

The puppies cling to each other for warmth.  Sitting on dead branch an old crow watches their every move .  Leaves shiver with the slightest breeze and the sky is filled with a terrible longing for warmth of the sun.

My fingers freeze around the mug of coffee.

Change is always uncomfortable. Nights after nights I gazed at the glow stars on my bedroom ceiling , turning all known into a blur. New beginnings are scary. I have decided to take the challenge, to pave a path to freedom . I have a drawback. I have an itch to learn.It doesn’t matter whether I win or lose. If I set my heart on something I give my best shot to it even if I fail. The fact that I went out to the unknown territory and explored is a great high.

I want to take on what life offers. Life teaches us in many ways and one has to learn those lessons. We can weep and complain or laugh and learn,the choice is ours. We write  our screenplay and all depends on that.

Somehow I am unable to leave this space. It draws me, grows on me for some weird reason and yet I have to go.

I need to focus on this new chapter and test my limits. It is a time for hard work and complete surrender to that one goal.

I won’t be posting much here nor I will be able to read and comment on other blogs for sometime.

I just wanted to connect to all of you who have loved me, cared for me, appreciated my writings and stood by me in my darkest times.

I will be back for writing is my passion but right now there is no time for love.


The time has come to become an ant.

Proverbs 6:6 “Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise!”

They are better goal seeker than any other species. Did you know that?

They follow the proven path, they are determined, never lose focus, they collaborate better than anyone, defeat is only temporary with ants they always come back in bigger numbers, they fearlessly defend and continuously expand( they build and build),.

Doing my readings about ants I noticed that ants adopt the old saying “There’s a time for work and a time for play.” They never get the two confused. When they are at work, they work, non-stop till its time for rest, then they rest.

As I write this I watch a sugar crystal walk away with the ant .It scales the sleep wall and maneuvers itself through the tiny gap in the window and after much effort it gains its freedom.

It reminds me another thing. Ants expect more from themselves than possible. They never limit themselves to mental limits like us.

I am setting higher goals, venturing into unknown, raising my stakes. I know it will be backbreaking but I am willing.

So it is good-bye for sometime. Ones in a while when my muse wants me to shed it all and just dance  under the moonbeams , I will and you all will know :))

wish me luck, wish me success and when you see a little blade of grass shimmer in sunshine or a delicate sapling break and emerge out of a crack in the wall or a sidewalk Think of me.


8 thoughts on “Blog Break – On a mission

  1. Interesting …
    Nice take on the ways of the ANTS…

    WIshing you all the luck and best wishes in whatever you are doing .. and hope to succeed in ur Mission 🙂

    All the best


  2. All the very best to you Tikuli ! I will miss you ! I wish I had discovered ur blog earlier ! I pray that you stay motivated and stay strong.Good Luck !


  3. Like Ruchira, I too wish I had discovered your blog earlier. I wish you all that you asked for and a whole lot more.
    You have prayed not for a lighter burden , but for a stronger back. I am certain you will succeed at whatever you touch. God be with you in your journey.There is gratitude for to you for enriching our life through your words and poems.
    I’ll still keep on checking once in a while and will miss you


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