This moment is mine : Poem

I live  a little

with each moment

the past is nothing

but a bucket of ashes

and future

just a distant dream

I trust not

Two thieves

disguised as

regret and fear

stealing the present

I live just a little

every moment

My heartbeat

sound of crackling flames

my breath

fanning the fire

that drives my soul

My being

one simple song

playing out to

life’s bittersweet symphony

I try to dance in tune

to play my part

before the lights fade

and curtain draws

I savor my time

my fifteen seconds of

A lifetime

4 thoughts on “This moment is mine : Poem

  1. Beautiful Tiku! So damn true!
    Congrats on all the achievements at BlogAdda 🙂 WTG!

    Thanks so much Swaram . The new year started on a great note. Wishing you the same vibrant start.


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