Thursday Challenge : Lights

The theme this week is

LIGHTS (Holiday Lights, Candles, Street Lights, Fireplace, Fireworks,…)




Now,  can anyone guess what these photographs are ?

This is  a creative challenge and I always try to do my best to upload something different. these pictures are precious to me.

I had never imagined that one could achieve such beautiful images by doing what we did :p  😀

I would love to know how many of you can guess it correctly before scrolling to the end of the post for the answer.

I don’t know if this qualifies as lights but it does give a light of its own , doesn’t it ?

Alright folks !

For those who could not guess.

These are pictures of deodorant sprayed and set on fire in a dark room. We sprayed some and then lighted it immediately because the alcohol evaporates  as quickly as we expose it .

The flames that danced in the dark room were gorgeous .


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