Winter Night:Poem

sedated the dawn sleeps

and for a few  moments more  we

lie roused by night’s limpid  kiss

wrapped in  her entrancing

spells of love

the soft moonlight

filters through the trees

and from the branches

drip droplets of water

kissed by winter

the scent of pines fills

the old star flower quilt

and dreams nocturnal


4 thoughts on “Winter Night:Poem

  1. Hi
    A very good morning!
    Nice poem.. I can feel it right. .as I took an Auto from my place to take Mom to Doc.. and it was really chilled one…now in metro so can feel the warmth.. hehe.

    have a super sunday
    take care

    Hi Vivek
    thanks for dropping by and appreciating. winter does bring out a lot in us :p . isn’t it ?
    take care buddy.


  2. and dreams nocturnal …
    Closed eyed and stories are told
    And thus the paradise unfolds

    Lovely poem 🙂

    Thanks Prats .. yes so many stories told and untold .. all leading to the paradise :).


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