Silences :Poem

swaying in the breeze a swing

a bicycle leaning against the lamp-post

cigarette stubs  in the ash tray

worn out boots and an old man’s hat

Coat stuffed in the closet

with a poem folded in the pocket

Spectacles on the writing-table

dust under the bed

the kitten curled up in a corner

remains of a  favorite coffee mug

the pipe now not in use

chessmen waiting

the first streak of light

that slides from under the door

and crawls to my feet

the fixed stare that  follows me

from your  portrait

slumbering spiders in the book shelf


A dull ache that seems to live

with emptiness

in my old bones

the swirling darwish dance of shadows

the cemetery at dusk

the neighbor’s tree that keeps watch

the bitter tears shed on your grave

for words left unsaid

and deeds left undone

and lastly

these long hours of waiting

First prize in contest  for the love of poetry.

17 thoughts on “Silences :Poem

  1. I like the sparseness here- there is a definite sense of where you are as you read it, and the loneliness of it comes out quite nicely. Like it.

    Thank you so much and welcome to my blog.


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  3. the swirling darwish dance of shadows
    the cemetery at dusk
    the neighbor’s tree that keeps watch

    Grief lurks in little things,everything becomes a ;landscape of pain.
    Could feel the sense of loss.


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  5. ive always felt you deserved awards not only for poetry in a contest, but also for your strength in real life.may it come true


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