Indiblogger Blanket of Relief Blogger Meet – Delhi

It is always a pleasure to meet blogger buddies. People we connect with on social networks and forums, people who take out time to appreciate your writings and have their own personal space ( their blogs) where you can go and know about their interests, ideology, passions etc.

I have been part of Indiblogger for a long time now and always saw photographs of the meets wondering  when will I get the opportunity. I remember there was a fosters sponsored  meet two years ago but I had missed it,  this time I made sure not to repeat the mistake.

The awesome indiblogger from Delhi and NCR met on 18 Dec 2010 at Religare Art Gallery, Kasturba Gandhi Rd, CP, New Delhi. A cozy Art Gallery with wonderful art work and an Art shop.

Although due to some reason I joined late but it still this meet will be very special for me. There were blogger friends I was dying to meet and this platform gave me the opportunity to interact with some wonderful seasoned , creative writers/bloggers.

There was a very important social cause associated with  the meet   The blanket of relief supported by Guitarmonk .  Shayon ,  you are doing a great job by bringing humanity together for a cause. Wishing you all the very best.

Let me tell you a little about the cause . It is a charitable fund-raiser for the underprivileged citizens of Delhi. Thousands of people who live on the roads or  in night shelters die due to severe cold wave every year in Delhi. Winters take with it the lives of young children and old people especially . This initiative by some compassionate human beings  provides the much-needed warmth to these street dwellers . you can see all the details from the web site link above.

Bloggers donated to the cause after the meet . An effort from Indibloggers to care for those who are in much more need than us.

Indiblogger has done it before and will continue to work for humanity always and we  , the members , stand for every cause they take up.

I decided to take my elder son Aditya along to introduce him to the fellow bloggers and to initiate him into the cause. He is a blogger too but still to be a part of this community. He blogs at Dark Star

We reached when the coffee season was about to start. The warm welcome by Vineet ( the core inditeam member, indi thumper and a great friend) and Anoop , the familiar faces of old pals Ritu and  Abha , the bloggers are  a very loving part of my blogging world IHM , Addy , Pankaj ( who was there but unfortunately we somehow never found time to connect )  ,  Anshul , Himanshu ( Blogeshwar ) , zephyr ( She is a very special friend)  , Purba and many others new ones . It is always a pleasure to befriend bloggers with different ideologies ,exchange views and engage in healthy discussions. In all the euphoria I simply missed talking to a few friends . Hey Kshitij we meet again soon buddy 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After  session of coffee with bloggers 🙂 where everyone got a chance to mingle and talk to other bloggers sipping hot coffee and eating samosas etc I visited the Religare Art Shop and bought myself a cute coffee mug . 😀

Warmed by coffee  we sat down one more time for a great discussion about Delhi and what is really means to those who live in the city. It’s traffic, metro , citizens, safety and trust or rather distrust 😀 and much more. Addy stopped to think hard which Girl friend’s home he was visiting ( how  typical 😀 I call him Adi’s namesake for this very reason ) while talking about How safe is Delhi ?  He is adorable. :p


Prateek Shah was a great anchor and really did a fabulous job. Hats off to you Prateek.

The meet came to an end around 5:30PM and we all wanted to linger around for some extra time.  With promises to meet again soon and heart full of loving memories we parted with a hope to meet again for yet another awesome meet some time soon.

Photographs were taken, videos made and everyone took with him/her a precious memory of the meet.

Here I would like to go ahead and thank Renie ( Founder, Director indiblogger) and Vineet for keeping their promise of giving me my Soch Lo contest first prize after so much controversy and lack of support from the sponsors .They paid from their pocket but I got the prize. Thanks guys for all the support  and understanding.

This great spirit of commitment and caring for the indimembers as family is what makes the community rocking.

So three cheers to inditeam, the inblogger members and all those who made this fantastic meet a great success.

Hoping that all those who missed this one will make sure to attend the next one.

Renie, Anwin, Vipul ( marshal Blog – a – ton)   are you listening buddy 😀  ?

Happy holidays  to all and I request everyone who is reading this to contribute to the cause by going on the Blanket of  relief website  and share some warmth with those who really deserve it .

Thanks Aditya, IHM and Abha for the lovely pix . Hugs


12 thoughts on “Indiblogger Blanket of Relief Blogger Meet – Delhi

  1. Just saw your comment on IHM’s fb profile n came to check…such a well written post … will check out the other blogs thanks for the links… We all enjoyed there and it’s fun to see all the pics now.

    Thanks Sangeeta
    it was a pleasure to meet you. you have a great blog and I will certainly keep visiting it . We sould meet otherwise too. stay connected.


  2. in that pic, I can recongnise all 😀 and such a lovely post wish I was there

    😀 yea Monika I wish you were in Delhi to attend. IHM and Abha took lovely snaps. it was wonderful to meet all.


  3. While i did love the post, i most loved the part of you mentioning me 😀 🙂 Thanks a tonne 🙂 that means a lot 🙂

    But yes, all in all, it was a lot of lot of fun 🙂 Thoroughly enjoyed!

    Kudos to the IndiBlogger team and everyone else involved!

    Stay in touch guys!

    Hi Prateek
    I was like a child in a fair lol and so missed my chance to speak durng the discussion ..guess I will put up a post taking over from where you left .what say? :p
    It was wonderful to meet and now so much more blogs to read. 😀
    Cheers to inditeam and Delhi bloggers (Addy included) 😀


  4. Ah! Great meeting eh?

    Finally you got your prize! Wonderful!

    Thanks Indi Blogger !!!

    thanks TBG the prize was always with me ..same thing vineet has it or me.. but I got what I asked.. It is easy to question the integrity of a site /person but then Faith is a big thing.. esp among friends. I have that faith in them.


  5. that was a nice round-up of the meet and nice pics too. Meeting you and others you have only met in cyberspace was great, though since I missed the introduction part, I couldn’t connect with everyone. I missed everything except the snacks and the discussion bit 😦 The traffic had been too bad.

    There is always a next time. 🙂


  6. A lovely round-up of the whole event. I wanted to write something on my blog too…but then again… it’s been a while.

    Thanks a lot for contributing to the cause of Blanket of Relief. This was the very first initiative we had taken, an opportunity to give something back to the society. And we hope to organize a lot more fund raisers in future too. It would be great if the blogging community in Delhi comes forward and helps us in spreading the awareness. That should be half the battle won.

    And well, I did not know Aditya was there too. Would surely have loved to meet him. And Shubhang too, some day 🙂


  7. It’s only at Indibloggers meet I realized there are so many bloggers I don’t know. But it was good fun meeting you all and am looking forward to our next tete-a-tete.

    And yes agree with Zephyr, the traffic was maddening. Was afraid would end up ranting about the traffic mess during our formal introductions.


  8. I was really looking forward to meet you at the Indimeet. Although I’d have loved it even more, if we had more in the food/snacks section.


  9. Hi Tikuli,
    Enjoyed meeting you and the other bloggers as well. Am so glad this happened. Its alway nice to put a face to a blog’s name.


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