These winter days :Poem

the laburnum’s cernuous sprays

swaying in trance

fragrant shirish blooms

the passionate gulmohar

the  sensual parijata bloom

the shades of dewy green

bathed in morning sunlight

the night numbed by the lucid moonbeams

the radiant day in flaming orange garment


nothing but fragments of my imagination

just like you

to keep the heart warm

and the old heart beating

in these cold, gray winter days





8 thoughts on “These winter days :Poem

  1. The flowers suddenly became a riot of colour bathed in fragrances and emotions.. thanks a lot..
    Where can i buy your book of poems in Delhi? I will be these for a short time.. and wud love to carry it back with me please

    Hi Na
    thanks so much for appreciation .I don’t have any book of poems .One of my poems is in Chicken soup for the Indian Romantic Soul , you can buy it anywhere and there are two stories which are part of an anthology of short stories called Ripples. It should be available at Oxford bookstore .I know you can find it in Mumbai and Pune.


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