Thursday Photo Theme :Food

The theme for this Thursday is “FOOD” (Farmers Market, Vegetables, Meat, Cooking, Restaurant,…)

Street food has a rich history in India and Delhi   has no dearth of sumptuous options as far as street food is concerned. The traditional Khomchewalas( street vendors ) are a favorite with the food loving Delhi. Although now a days many of the delicious stuff that was once sold in pattals( bowls made of dry leaves) is now sold in trendy eating joints garnished and presented with a flair in plates still the mouth watering taste remains the same.

The foodies enjoy  myriad of culinary traditions of street foods that are dated back to Mughal era.

There are joints famous for specific dishes like golguppas, chaat, bhel puri, Pateelewale matar, roasted sweet potato, spicy fruit chaat , you name it  Delhi has it all.

Old Delhi is The Place for these delicacies but one can find equally tempting street food all over Delhi.

Hot Jalebees, gulab jamuns and Samosas, chole bhature  and a recent addition of momos and steamed American corn.  :p Yummy . I know you have a drool pool near you 😀

Aaloo Tikki , samosas and aalloo chat

Isn’t this winterlicious 🙂 On cold winter evenings these chaatwalas are the meeting places for all street food lovers. Calorie conscious

too for one time indulge and sell their soul to the devil to eat this sinful stuff.

Gol Guppas and chaat

For those who want to sit and enjoy in more hygienic conditions , the Sweet shops and small restaurants offer the same street delights but the fun is to eat straight from the street vendor on the street. How many Agree ? 😀

Pav- Bhajji

ummmmm I still have the taste of this gorgeous pav-bhaji with butter melting and filling the spicy vegetable. Nothing could be more comforting than the cuisine of India .

Now let me tell you some famous places to check out  if you are in the capital.

Jalebis at Dariba Kalan corner, rabri faluda at Gianis, Fathepuri, lassi at Naya Bans, chaat near Bank of India (Daryaganj) and paranthas of paranthe wali gali in Chandini Chowk, Samosas at Panchkuain Road, Bhaturas in Paharganj, chaat at UPSC, Khan Chacha’s Kabaab  at Khan market etc. The list is endless. you got to explore the city to find the right place.

So come to Delhi if you love food and just indulge.


10 thoughts on “Thursday Photo Theme :Food

  1. Yes!! THIS is what Delhi is all about. It is plain sad that our street vendors were removed during the commonwealth games. I, for one, am proud of Delhi’s street culture.


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