Last Night Together

“Oh, come on guys, give me a break please. I don’t smoke weed damn it. This  is just a plain cigarette.”

Rajam was a chain smoker who took life lightly. It was impossible to picture him without a cigarette between his fingers.  We tried to make him break this habit  but Rajan was one of those teenagers who believed that all bad things happened to other people.

“I am born lucky ” He used to laugh . ” My heart is young , my body is adapted to cigarettes, I won’t die of any damn  lung cancer and I know my heart will never fail me. So what doesn’t kill me makes me strong ”

We gave up.

He continued to make  smoke rings.

Staying alone gave him more freedom to experiment with life.

Everything came easy to him.

We were together last night. Sitting at the pub as usual. We were allowed night outs only on weekends.

I decided to drop him that day. There was a garlic like odor in his flat.

” Just a gas leak I guess. I can fix it”,  He said and vanished into kitchen before I could open my mouth.


Rajan was right.

He did not die of  cancer and his heart never failed him.


9 thoughts on “Last Night Together

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  2. I know someone within my circle who started smoking and is miles away from quiting, ironically he is a batch topper. Even after trillions of Ernest advices/requests he is no near to give it up. Will surely make him read this post.


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