Brown Thursday

Thursday Challenge theme for photography is really fun. Every time one wants to go just a little further and post something interesting. It has been an awesome experience.

This time the theme is “BROWN” (Animals, Soil, Coffee Beans, Trustees, Furniture,…)

I have some lovely brown pictures and it is a mixture of rustic and modern world. The old world charm and the new age technology.

Have fun peeps and tell me which is your favorite brown picture.


This an awesome kitchen chimney with a beautiful wooden covering. The photograph was taken at the coffee shop ( Pavilion) at the ITC Maurya. They have lovely brown furniture too but the place was crowded and all one could see was a sea of colorful hungry people 😀 The color reminded of a dark rich chocolate cake 🙂 .

Look at the various shades of brown here. Who doesn’t love cane furniture and bamboo handicraft . All of this is from the state of Assam. The stools ,baskets shelfs , bamboo glasses on the counter in such beautiful hues of brown. Can you spot the mobile holders , letter holders and other stuff. Let us see what all you can spot apart from what I have listed. It would be fun. Try it.

Bamboo and cane artifacts and household things come mainly from the North Eastern States especially Arunachal Pradhesh, Assam and Meghalaya where Khasi Tribe excels in this craft  . The tribal people and here in Dilli Hatt these artisans come to sell and display their goods.  These things are used commonly as household things there and very durable apart from being eco-friendly  and good to look at.

It is wonderful to see the  beautiful blend of rural crafts and modern technology existing in perfect harmony.

Be eco-friendly. Keep  the pollution away. Stay healthy.

Enjoy Life !


9 thoughts on “Brown Thursday

  1. WOW !!! Interesting set of pics, Tiku. And thats one huge chimney…quite nice. 🙂 🙂

    Of course I love cane stuff…its got that earthy feeling to it. 🙂

    Yea it is Huge Uma 😀 . I was awestruck when I saw it first .hehehhe took a close up also but I felt this looked better.

    Cane .. yea ;)))


  2. I luv luv luv cane and bamboo stuff. I never miss the north-east fair whenever it is put up here. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Thanks Swaram ;)) yea Northeast has so much beauty to share :))


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