I found some papers

in an envelope

labelled ” children “

colorful memories

where letters danced,

hopped and skipped with joy

amidst little flowers, crazy birds

trees sprayed in red,  green, and yellow

some drawings with  little houses and ponds

stick figures that smiled from ear to ear

( really big ears at times)

and others dipped in color of love

tiny finger prints,  a full hand

or feet that felt so soft and warm to touch

first splashes of crayons ,

lines, shapes , words

spidery wisps,spirals and

then a little bolder ones

drawings with labels

action figures , family and friends

animals and birds

a little train

chugging down the track

A child’s kaleidoscopic world come alive

abstract, magical, surreal

I smile fondly and remembered

when he tiptoed to the fridge

looked around and quickly

taped a new art , (watercolors dripping)

waiting to be discovered

by me

that precious moment

when I hugged and kissed his masterpiece

and his eyes twinkled

with a feeling of joyous pride

those days  they never come back

but they leave their imprints

in rainbow colors fragrant with love

7 thoughts on “Masterpieces

  1. very very sweet.. I feel the same when my daughter paints one of her ‘masterpieces ‘ and asks for our opinion. At that time out assurance matters so much to them. Thanks for expressing it so beautifully


  2. Awww Tiku,
    thanks for inviting me here and sharing this wid me…
    it sounds like some glorious times and butiful images from the past!!! now i cant wait to get there too…XOXO to u n ur creative brats!!! 😀


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